Fixolid Ball metal markers (Blue, white, green, orange, yellow, red, Black colours)

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Ball Point Metal Marker FIXOLID T - Ball Point 2 / 3 / 4,5 mm

- Ball point metal marker Fixolid T200/T300/T450 - Metal ball point in 2, 3, 4,5 mm available
- For Marking all kind of surfaces, even the greasiest and the roughest one thanks to its head and ball in Steel
- The ink contains nor toluene, nor xylene
- High quality Ink with strong adhesion power
- Strong resistance to weather inclemency and to chemical aggressions
- Indelible after drying
- Can only be effaced with special solvents or abrasive tools
- Used for marking of mechanical parts, used in woods and saw-mills


- Hold the marker straight during marking
- Hold the ball point metal marker against the surface to mark and press at the same time on the tube
- Do not roll the marker. Risk of fissures

Volume: 50 ml