Hellog - Hydrometer Rack

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Hellog - Hydrometer Rack

Hellog - Hydrometer Rack

GZ Industrial Supplies is a Distributor of Hellog - Hydrometer Rack .

We have in stock various ranges of Hydrometer Rack for different

sizes of Hydrometers . More so, we have in stock other Industrial Tools.

Features  Of Our Hellog - Hydrometer Rack

  • Protect specific gravity liquid measuring instruments with the polypropylene hydrometer racks.
  • The fragile glassware is securely held by multiple tiered plates that feature common diameter sized holes while the base has tapered wells to provide the bulb tip with extra stability.
  • Carry the equipment for storage or transportation with the easy-to-grip handles.
  • The hydrometer racks come in different quantity of placements and heights to accommodate long and short models. 

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