Kaeirda Mig MAG Stick Welding machine 350N

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Kaeirda Mig MAG Stick Welding machine 350N

Kaierda Mig MAG Stick Welding machine 350N

We are the distributors of Kaierda Welding machines and all products of Kaierda brand  in Nigeria, Our Kaeirda Mig Mag Stick welding machine is an IGBT Inverter MIG/MAG/Stick Welding Machine

Features and Benefits of this welding machine Kaierda Mig MAG Stick Welding machine 350N

Available for welding steel, low carbon steel, and high strength steel; Widely used in Petroleum, chemical, Power Construction, metallurgy, boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, vehicles, and other manufacturing industry

Complete controllability of welding parameters, accurate preset of current and voltage, convenient to upgrade function
Peak current control mode ensures stable and reliable performance of components
Imported chip IGBT double modules are used in the power device to process full bridge inverter
Waveform technology is adopted to change the welding output waveform, arc shape, spatter amount and weld seam appearance according to the welding requirements
The welding can still be processed when the input voltage is 3phase, 240V-430V due to the excellent function of anti-grid fluctuation
The functions of EMC electromagnetic compatibility and powerful grid filtering reduce the power supply pollution, improve the anti-interference function of the welding machine itself, and protect the inner circuit and components effectively
The welding cable can be lengthened to more than 30m to weld
More stable wire feed speed is realized through microcomputer wire feed control system

Processes for our :

MIG, MAG, MMA, TIG, Carbon Arc Gouging (KE-500N)
Main accessories:
1. Wire feeder: 1set
2. Welding torch: 1PC
3. Regulator: 1PC

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