Lincoln Welding machine SAE 400 Amps Used

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Used Lincoln welding machine SAE 400

Used Lincoln Welding machine SAE 400 amps

in perfect working condition and will be "sold as is"

For demanding jobs that call for high amperage capabilities, the SAE-400® offers 400 amps for DC stick welding and AC power. The SAE-400® is powered by a heavy duty Perkins® industrial diesel engine. This engine offers low maintenance and long life. Add CV wire welding with the optional CV Adapter.

  • Rugged Construction
    • Heavy gauge steel case withstands rough field handling.
  • Dual Continuous Output Control
    • Continuous adjustment of voltage and current.
    • Select either a soft “buttery” arc or snappy “digging” arc for fast, highquality welding.
  • Arc Gouging
    • Arc gouging with up to 3/8 in. (10 mm) carbons.
  • Multiple Arcs
    • Large-capacity DC weld output makes the SAE-400® the #1 choice for multiple arcs with the Multi-Weld™ 350 system. Available power is 22,500 watts at 60V DC. (See recommended accessories section.)

This welding machine has 2 wheels and can be conviniently dragged to any location