Nedo super measuring wheel one meter.

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nedo- 702111
3.65 KGS
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Buy Nedo super measuring wheel one meter online at GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria.

    Wheel circumference: 1 m
    Measuring range: 0 m to 9,999.99 m
    Counter arrangement: central
    Resolution: 0.01 m
    Weight: approx. 3.65 kg
    Tolerance: 0.02 %

Nedo super measuring wheel one meter

The Nedo Super measuring wheel meets the
highest standards in terms of precision, quality
and reliability. Thanks to tight manufacturing
tolerances and a high-quality counter, its accu-
racy is ± 0.02%, which corresponds to a maximum
error of ± 2 cm over a distance of 100 m.

The counter, which has a display resolution in cm,
is mounted securely above the wheel and is driven
by a toothed belt. Zero setting is done with a hand

The brake is integrated into the sturdy rest support.
The ergonomic pistol grip and the rugged alumi-
nium guide bar make handling easy at all times.
A clever mechanism permits the guide bar to be
folded away for transport.