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Shell Clavus Oil R- Synthetic Refrigerator Compressor Lubricant

Shell Clavus Oil R- Synthetic Refrigerator Compressor LubricantShell Clavus Oils R are synthetic refrigerator lubricants with a polyolester base fluid. These lubricants have been developed for use with R134a and other environmentally acceptable HFC refrigerants.Its applications  are:1. Refrigerator compressors Shell Clavus R is recommended for use in open, semi-open and hermetic compressors operating with refrigerants such as R 134a, R 23, [...]

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SHELL CAPRINUS HPD 40- RAILROAD  DIESEL ENGINE OIL Caprinus HPD 40 is a premium grade, heavy-duty, crankcase oil, intended mainly for railroad diesel engines of American origin, particularly those manufactured by General Electric and General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD). Although it is fortified by additives providing alkalinity, dispersancy and resistance to oxidation, it does not contain zinc and therefore can [...]

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Bosch GHO 40-82 C planer

Bosch GHO 40-82 C planerOne of the power tools of industry and  trade,  bosch GHO 40-82 C planer has the highest surface quality due to ultra-sharp blades and constant speed, even when working in hardwood. The fastest and least expensive blade changes on the market due to durable Woodrazor reversible blades and the easiest possible adjustment. Its Life span [...]

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Bosch GLL 2- 50 +BM1 crossline laser level

Bosch GLL 2- 50 +BM1 crossline laser levelThe GLL 2-50 Professional from Bosch offers laser lines with the best visibility in its class. The tool levels itself in less than four seconds and then projects laser lines onto walls or from the floor to the ceiling. It has a leveling accuracy of 0.3 millimetres [...]

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Eihell Electric welding machine 200A BT-EW 200

Eihell Electric welding machine 200A BT-EW 200Compact and handy electric welder with continuously adjustable welding current for universal weldingThe Einhell electric welder BT-EW 200 is a compact and handy welder for numerous welding work in the workshop, garage or garden. With conventional welding electrodes of 2 - 4mm diameter effortlessly and continuously variable Schweißstromeinstellungvon [...]

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‚ÄčKende Spot Welding Machine

Kende Spot Welding MachineWhat is a spot weld?One of the purposes for welding is to join 2 or more components together in a mainly permanent fashion. This is also known as "Connecting". Spot welding is the most commonly used form of resistance welding. Usually it is used to weld various sheet metals with reduced thickness.The weld piece are held [...]

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Large Angle Grinders- Bosch GWS 22- 180 H professional angle grinder

Large Angle Grinders- Bosch GWS 22- 180 H professional angle grinderLarge angle grinders excels due to their powerful motors, good handling and low weight. They also impress with their long lifetime and outstanding sturdiness.Bosch GWS 22-180 H professional angle grinder is a powerful 2200 W champion motor for fast work progress with anti rotation protective [...]

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Shell Spirax grades

Shell Spirax grades -Transmission oilEvery part of your vehicle has been meticulously engineered, so we want to be sure that you choose a lubricant that has been designed to ensure your equipment is  protected and works efficiently.The Shell Spirax range of axle, gear and automatic transmission fluids has been developed to assist drivers, fleet owners and [...]

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KPT Magnetic drilling Machine KMSBRC

KPT Magnetic drilling Machine KMSBRCKPT drilling machine has high holding power of magnetic base for better grip with Internal coolant feed system for better cutting action It comes with Stabilizing rod for setting offset levels,compactly and elegantly designIts twin handle body is specifically designed for ease of lifting machineIlluminated toggle switches for magnet and [...]

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Plumbing supplies Frequently asked questions

Plumbing supplies frequently asked questionsGZ industrial Supplies answers some questions critically important in a do it yourself (DIY) scenario and if you seek further answers to these questions kindly contact us and we will be glad to respond on a 24 hours basis.What does it mean when a faucet is said to have 8-inch centers?The [...]

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