OX Industrial Standing Fan-26"

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OX Industrial Standing Fan-26"

OX Industrial Standing Fan-26"

GZ Industrials is a Distributor of OX Industrial Standing Fan -26 Inches as well as other Brands of Industrial Fans and

 Electrical Supplies

Ox Industrial Standing Fan-26 Inches, is a suitable home and office appliance for achieving a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Features Of Our OX Industrial Standing Fan- 26 Inches

  • Adjust the height of the fan to your desired angle for a better cooling effect or you can position it to a particular area.
  • Its 3 speed selector lets you have absolute control over the fan by regulating how fast the blades rotate.
  • It has a sturdy base which gives it solid stability and ensures it does not tilt.
  • The blades of the fan are made from rust resistant material which guarantees long lasting use.
  •   It has a silent operation so you can use it anywhere whether you are in the office working or at home trying to rest.
  • 26Inch Industrial Standing Fan 1. Motor: 108X26 Copper AND aluminum wire, aluminum front cover and back cover 2. The power cord: 220V 3x0.75 three Argentina plug exposed 4M 3. Grill: Nets 550 PCS chrome grill diameter 1.8mm 4. Blade: Aluminum ox blade, two blades .

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