Robin - Plate Compactor

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Robin - Plate Compactor

Robin - Plate Compactor

GZ Industrials is a Distributor of Robin - Plate Compactor ,

We also, have other brands like Hellog Brand and other Construction Tools.

However, GZ Industrials Stock a wide range of Compactors in various Sizes.

Features Of Our Robin - Plate Compactor

  • Robin- plate compactor is widely used in building and road construction.
  • There is no adequate dynamic theory exists to predict vital performance characteristics such as frequency of impacts,speed of forward travel, power delivered to the soil, etc.
  • It is found that the forward speed and power delivered to the soil are sensitive functions of the ratio of exciting force to dead weight.
  • The power delivered to the soil tends to be a maximum when the exciting force is approximately twice the dead weight.
  • It is shown that for certain values of system parameters, it is possible to have periodic behavior of the system where the period of the motion is an integer multiple of the period of the exciting force.

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