Chain Wire Fencing for sites 2.4meters by 18meters roll

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Chain Wire Fencing for sites 2.4meters by 18meters roll Galvanized

Chain Wire Fencing for sites 2.4meters by 18meters roll

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of Hellog Energy brand of Chain Wire Fencing for sites 2.4meters by 18meters roll, we supply the product and we also install same, Chain wire fencing also known as wire netting, wire fence, wire-mesh fence, chain link fencing, cyclone fence or diamond-mesh fence) is a type of woven fence which is usually made from galvanized steel wire. The fence can also include a green or black coloured PVC coating or galvanized.

As one of the largest suppliers and installers of chain wire fencing and gates, we have the experience & expertise to manage your next chain wire fencing project from start to finish Chainwire. Protective, Strong and Durable, our Chainwire fencing is the perfect solution to your commercial or domestic needs 

Product information

Chain Wire Fencing is an efficient and economical fencing solution with long term durability with minimal maintenance. Chain Wire Fencing is used around large factories and commercial land holdings, tennis courts, cricket nets, rail corridors, sporting facilities and for internal enclosures.

We can supply and install or offer supply only on Chain Wire products for temporary, permanent, gates and internal enclosures or partitions, a complete security solution for your fencing needs.

Chain Wire fencing is secured in the ground, providing a high level of security

Common uses of a chain-wire fence


Chain-wire fences can be used anywhere, and there is no limit where it can be used. It is so versatile that it can be used from residential properties to industrial and high-security locations. the see-through characteristics of the chain-wire fence makes it one of the best for locations under security watch

Chain-wire fences fences are commonly used for:

  • Perimeter and security fencing for residential and private properties
  • Perimeter fences for gardens and farms
  • Cricket net enclosures
  • Commercial/private tennis court fencing
  • Sports ground fencing
  • Perimeter fences for public parks
  • Storage cages
  • Perimeter fences for schools
  • Animal enclosures
  • Temporary perimeter fences for construction sites
  • Go cart and racing tracks

The possibilities are endless for chain-wire fencing. However, chain-wire fencing does not offer much when it comes to privacy. They are transparent, after all. Slats are often woven into the chain-wire mesh when privacy is of importance.

At some properties, the transparency that the open weave mesh offers can be advantageous. Intruders can be immediately spotted, or in the case of farms, it is easy to check and survey the crops and livestock.

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Fences are meant protect properties from intruders. In some cases, such as schools, they are meant to keep what is important inside. Whatever your fencing needs, in Nigeria chain-wire fencing is your best choice. We will offer at the best rates contact us