CONTEC08A-BT Electronic Sphygmomanometer

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CONTEC08A-BT Electronic Sphygmomanometer
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CONTEC08A-BT Electronic Sphygmomanometer

CONTEC08A-BT Electronic Sphygmomanometer

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Contec brand of medical equipment in Nigeria

CONTEC08A-BT is a very portable, user friendly, medical device that measures human blood pressure

It can be applied to family, clinic and physical center for routine measurement.

  • High-resolution color LCD. Optional interface languages: Chinese and English, strong in visuality.

  • Optional measurement mode: adult, neonatal and pediatric.

  • Full-automatic NIBP measurement. Oscillometry measurement principle, multistep deflation measurement, high in measurement repeatability. And the device will display corresponding error information when measurement error appears.

  • Prompt for over-limit of physiological parameters, and the upper and lower limit can be set.

  • Wireless transmission function. NIBP data saved in the device can be transmitted to mobile client by Bluetooth.

  • Optional measurement units: mmHg and kPa, which can be switched according to requirements. Visual and audible prompt when low-battery appears.

  • Timing shutdown function, and with short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time will not be influenced.

  • Large-capacity storage. NIBP data can be checked by the data review interface, such as "data list","trend graph","big font" interface, etc.


  • Measure Method: Oscillometry
    Measure Mode: The upper arm measure
    Measure range: 0kPa(0mmHg)~ 38.67kPa(290mmHg)
    Resolution: 0.133kPa(1mmHg)
    Accuracy: ±0.4kPa(±3mmHg)
    NIBP pulse rate measure range: 40~240bpm
    Increasing pressure mode: force pump increases pressure automatically
    Reducing pressure mode: self-motion ladder reducing pressure mode

  • SpO2
    Measure range: 35%~100%
    Accuracy: ±2%, 70%~100%
    SpO2 Probe Pulse Rate:
    Measuring range:30bpm~250bpm
    Display: 2.8" High-definition color LCD
    Power: Four "AA" Batteries/5V or 6V Power adapter
    Safety character:ClassⅡ Type BF

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