GZ stockspace solutions

GZ Stockspace solutions:

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria has well over 100,000 SKU (stock keeping units) this is reputed to be one of the most stocked industrial products stock keeping in Nigeria, with almost 1000 supply sources both international and local suppliers stock products with us and variously in our approved warehouse locations.

How do we handle stockspace solutions?

We have a stockspace solution where customers outsource their stock keeping with us and takle their products when they need same, this solution is great for organizations running a turnkey projects within Nigeria or west Africa and wants to ensure all needed stock are both purchased from GZ Industrial supplies to offset any future implications of spike in prices.

"We kept products worth over $250,000 with GZ Industrial supplies and it saved us price spikes due to frequently changing exchange rates" -The prject director of Tombim services Limited 

Let GZ Industrial supplies run your logistic and stock keeping to avoid project price fluctuation especially when client does not have provision for price changes.