Shell Rimula R2 Extra

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Shell Rimula R2 Extra

Shell Rimula R2 Extra

Shell Rimula R2 Extra Energised Protection oils use proven combinations of additives that react to the varying needs of your engine. They include active dispersants to carry away dirt, keeping the engine clean. Each dedicated additive releases its protective energy when needed, to ensure reliable and consistent protection against deposits and wear and to resist thickening by heat. Approved by leading engine makers, suitable for most heavy duty applications including turbo-charged engines.

Features Of Our Shell Rimula R2 Extra

  • Shell Rimula R2 oils incorporate an enhanced detergent additive system to control piston deposits and maintain good
standards of engine cleanliness.
  • Dependable protection
High Total Base Number (10 TBN) to ensure suitable
protection throughout the oil drain period in areas where fuel
sulphur is high.
  • Long engine life
Continuous protection against corrosion and wear throughout
the oil drain interval to prolong the life of the engine.
  • Main Applications
Automotive diesel engines
Shell Rimula R2 oils are designed for use in medium and
heavy duty diesel engines using low sulphur/medium diesel
  • On and off-highway applications
Suitable for long distance trucking and similar 'constant speed'
on-road operations as well as use in stop-start operation such
as agriculture, construction and city driving.
  • Shell Rimula R2 monograde oils can be used in certain
transmission and mobile hydraulic systems where use of
monograde engine oils is recommended by the equipment

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