Testing equipment

Testing Equipment company in Nigeria

A growing need for quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) has generated an demand for mechanical testing equipment products, GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the supplier of Testing equipment products in Nigeria.


We sell tools and testing equipment which create signals and capture electronic signatures from sensitive electronic networking equipment to trace faults, improve performance and develop more efficient circuits, configurations, and energy-saving initiatives. Common tools include cabling test kits, automatic testing equipment, signal generators, fiber microscopes for fiber-optic troubleshooting, meters, crimpers, wiring instruments, and testers. Meters include voltmeters, ohmmeters, EMF meters, LCR meters, ammeters, and multi-meters to monitor current usage. Advanced testing gear proves essential when developing circuits for IT networks. Analyzers can test circuit logic, functionality, spectral energy signatures, and protocol conformance. Even simple static meters could provide sound cost benefits by preventing dangerous static charges, which could cause extensive damage to expensive networking equipment or losses of proprietary data.


We carry most brands of tools and testing equipment, including major vendors such as Fluke Networks, Fluke Electronics, and others . Many IT networking systems take advantage of lower prices for specific equipment by using multiple vendors, but interoperability problems could risk infrastructure or reduce performance. Testing equipment fosters smarter interoperability, and respected tools and testing equipment manufacturers provide diagnostic and monitoring equipment that measures electrical output, performance and connections precisely regardless of device brand.


GZ Industrial Supplies helps small- and medium-sized businesses customize their infrastructure and protect their investments with dedicated tools and testing equipment to monitor performance, energy usage, storage integrity and other operating parameters. 


Testing equipment categories we carry are: