5 Ways to repair Damaged Epoxy Flooring in 2023

Epoxy flooring is one of the most sorts after flooring solutions in 2023 because it is sturdy and can withstand years of heavy wear and tear. The method of installation, as well as the maintenance techniques and the industrial , commercial or domestic space epoxy will be installed, is also a factor that influences how it will withstand extreme pressure. The various ways of managing wear and tear of Epoxy such as discoloration after exposure to ultraviolet light rays can be repaired by limiting t …
Jan 31, 2023 Emiliana Chiaha

Why Germany is an Industrial Superpower: A Comprehensive Guide to the best hand tool brands

If you are working in industries such as aviation, construction, automotive or mechanical engineering, your attention must be on safety, quality, ergonomics, performance and saving time and energy. In these fields, there is nothing that compares to German made tools.Here on GZ Industrial Supplies you can find a wide selection of the best German tool brands to help you in your daily work. Germany has long been known as an industrial superpower, renowned for the quality of its …
Jan 31, 2023 GZ Team A

How to use a cassava grating machine

The cassava grating machine is an agricultural processing machine that plays an important role in the production and processing of garri; it is often used to grind peeled cassava tubers into cassava mash (starch slurry) before further processing. A critical step to utilizing the cassava grating machine is turned and allowed to run for about a minute before use to guarantee the machine is running smoothly. The components of the cassava grating machine include the hopper, Electric motor, collectin …
Jan 27, 2023 Jason Scott-Emuakor
Top 8 Generators Recommended by Professionals in Nigeria (Reviews)

Top 8 Generators Recommended by Professionals in Nigeria (Reviews)

Generators can keep your home or business running with your essential equipment until the power is back on, which is enormously helpful and can prevent a lot of inconveniences. There is a need to be prepared for a power outage; thus can save you a lot of time and hassle, whether it's for a few hours due to a storm or for an extended period of time.The Honda Inverter Generator Super Quiet EU220i is one of the top 8 generator recommended by professionals in Nigeria because of its portability, lig …
Jan 11, 2023 Anthony Ubong
​What are the six different types of electrical power transformers

​What are the six different types of electrical power transformers

When people here the word transformers, many things come to mind, could be the movie “The transformers” could be what transforms a thing from one state to another. But electrical transformers changes the electrical signal strength from one level to another. So how does a power transformer work?A power transformer works by taking advantage of the fact that an electrical current can create a magnetic field, and that a changing magnetic field can induce an electrical current. In a transformer, an a …
Jan 01, 2023 GZ Team A