Cleaning chemicals

Cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria.

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria, GZ's comprehensive range of high-quality cleaning and  maintenance chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant performance benefits, improving the speed and efficiency of many cleaning and maintenance activities.
Our industrial cleaning and janitorial chemicals deliver superior performance and include heavy duty and highly concentrated commercial quality detergents, sanitisers and disinfectants, air hygiene and ventilation biocides, solvent cleaners, descalers, shower head cleaners, engineering pre-commission cleaners, oil dispersants, quick break self-emulsifying cleaners and more.
GZ Cleaning and maintenance chemicals range of products are Nigeria’s best products with premium formulations to meat the high demand for cleaning of industrial facilities, Lube tanks, vessels, products range from Degreasers, alkaline cleaners, corrosion inhibitors etc

Types of cleaning and maintenance chemicals

1. Aerosol.A full range of air fresheners, glass and industrial cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, lubricants,  and polishes to meet about every need.

2. Cleaners & Degreasers.

From general all-purpose cleaning and deodorizing needs to removing grease and oil in the toughest industrial applications.

3. Floor Care Chemicals.

Whether you're an office building, a department store, a restaurant, hospital, or factory, the appearance of your floors creates an impression.

4. Hand Care

A full range of antimicrobial, general purpose, and industrial hand cleaners and sanitizers to fit the needs of most businesses.

5. Food Service Chemicals

From cleaners and degreasers to warehouse washing chemicals, drain openers,  hand soaps, and floor care products.

6. Hand Care

A full range of antimicrobial, general purpose, and industrial hand cleaners and sanitizers to fit the needs of most businesses.

7. Laundry.

Nothing says comfort more than clean, fresh linen and laundry. Our range of cleanings are also detergents

8. Specialty.

GZ Industrial supplies Nigeria, carries and produces some of the oldest, most respected metal and furniture polishes, vehicle cleaners and waxes in the industry.  Try one of

9. Wipes.

Whether you're cleaning or sanitizing hands, disinfecting or polishing hard surfaces, GZ Industrial Supplies cleaning portfolio has a convenient product that will suit your requirments, just contact us

The brands of Cleaning and maintenance chemicals we carry in Nigeria are.

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