first aid kits

first aid kits

first aid kits

first aid kits

GZ Industrial supplies Nigeria is the prefered supplier and distributor of safety products in Nigeria, we have an assorted supplies of first aid kits, we work 24 hours to serv our customers and will be ready to deliver to any location in Nigeria.

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No matter where you are at home or working in an industry or in an office, first aid kit is essential for each and every department. Nobody is pre-aware of the medical emergencies and you can’t take a risk with any part of your body. our first aid kits are equally important to keep at home as well as in industries. Whether you are going outside to play or you are working with heavy equipment which may harm you anytime. It is important to take all safety precaution while going on field with safety products like safety goggles, jacket, face protection or any protective gear appropriate for the work. Wearing all safety aids, whenever you miss a chance you can get harmed and then first aid kit is there to provide you with emergency bandages or medicines you may need. You can buy it all at an affordable price at GZ industrial supplies online store. It gets delivered to you with all the essential items inside it. Buy First Aid Kits online in Nigeria to get the best deal at various kind of industrial and home essential first aid kit price.

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First aid kit refers to a collection of medical supplies to give preliminary medical help to any person in case of physical distress. For home usage, you can easily assemble a home first aid kit yourself too with all the required supplies you may need before going to a doctor. But, when it comes to industrial use, you should prefer to buy highly equipped first aid kit with all the essential aids pre-organized inside it. We offer you first aid kits containing respiratory aids, dressings, eye pads, sterile gauze, butterfly sutures, antiseptic cream and lotions, treatment for burns, bandages, gloves, and scissors. Whether you are traveling in a car, plane or a train, keeping a small and handy first aid kit with you is always a great idea. In case a person meets with an accident and needs medical attention of any sort, first aid products are of immense help before you get any help. It helps in medical emergencies and prevents the emergency medical cases from worsening. In less severe cases, a first aid is of great help by helping take care of minor health conditions such as headaches or stomach aches and injuries such as wounds or scratches. A first aid kit box contains alcohol rubs, thermometers, aspirins, and antipyretics to take care of the more common aches and conditions.

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We are one of the best B2B e-commerce website serving you with all the industrial essential you may need. No matter you are looking for any kind of big machinery, tool and kits or even a product to protect yourself working on these hazardous and big machines. From all safety products for welding, electrical, agriculture or automobile industry, we have a wide range of first aid kits with equipped material for safety used in all field of work. If you do not own a first aid kit yet and are looking to buy one, then you can find a tremendous variety of first aid kits online at our online store Whether it is a first aid travel kit, an industrial first aid kit, a workplace first aid kit, a rescue kit, a burn dressing kit, a First Aid Burn Kit, First Aid Pet Kit, a plastic box kit, or first aid family kit, you can find them all at our portal. Online shopping enables cashless transaction on buying products choosing from debit/credit card, net banking or any e-wallets.


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We have presence in Nigeria's major cities. You will get all your choicest brands under one roof from trusted First Aid Kit distributors. You can procure First Aid Kit from reliable First Aid Kit dealers in Nigeria When you buy First Aid Kit online in Nigeria, don’t miss out on the attractive deals that pop up now and then with every item. You don’t have to worry about the genuineness of our products as we hoard from best First Aid Kit distributors who know the best. If you purchase First Aid Kit from us you will experience the ease of shopping. And also get the best First Aid Kit prices.


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