Medical Equipment and supplies

Medical Equipment and supplies in Nigeria

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria Supplies a wide range of medical supplies and equipment, which form an increasingly important element of a healthcare professional's role. If you are a caregiver, it is imperative to check on medical supplies in your loved one's home and properly outfit them if they downsize to a new home or senior residence. People who work in the medical department are familiar with medical instruments. GZ Industrial supplies make it easy to find top-notch quality medical supplies and equipment under a single roof. No longer do you have to step out of your houses to buy the right medical equipment as we provide all of it on a single platform. We supply medical accessories, Diagnostic Products, Hospital Furniture & Equipment, Respiratory Care, Mobility Aid, Support-Braces & Splints, Consumables, Health & Personal Care, Hospital Holoware, Medical Clothing from the top suppliers in the market for such products.

It is better to stock up for supplies to ensure preparedness for accidents, minor illnesses, and better health management. If you are a caregiver, it is essential to check on some of the basic medical supplies available on We sell pain relief equipment and diagnostic products for your loved one's home and properly outfit them downsize to a new home or senior residence. You can choose any of these, and rest assured that the Medical Supplies online here will offer utmost reliability. 


Be Safe with a wide variety of medical products online to take care of your health. 

We offer a wide range of Diagnostic products online that are used in the diagnosis of disease or in the determination of the state of health to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease. It is essential to keep these products at home or anywhere else. They help you diagnose medical conditions that hinder or potentially hinder human beings' normal functioning if allowed to aggravate and if not treated within a particular time. provides diagnostic equipment such as BP monitor, body compositiondigital thermometers, and ENT diagnostic. Others are heart rate monitors, heart measuring scale, nasal aspirator, orthopedic diagnostic equipment, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, weighing scales, and x-ray equipment.

We also sell Physiotherapy Aids to stay fit and fine.

Physiotherapy is a branch of physical medicine that helps in the rehabilitation of injuries and assists. It accelerates unhindered mobility and function to improve an affected individual's overall quality of life and reduce the dependency on mobility aids entirely as far as possible. We have a wide variety of physiotherapy products online such as heating pads, medical pillows, traction kits, and so on, which will help you heal ailments and conditions affecting many parts of the body.

Order world-class medical equipment and supplies, Hospital Equipment, Patient Care & Clinical Products only GZ Industrial Supplies 

As one of the leading B2B e-commerce portals for Industrial products in the country, it is a preferred online platform for Large-scale, medium-size to small-scale enterprises looking forward to procuring or purchasing industrial goods for their businesses. Our main aim is to make online shopping of the entire range of Industrial products, including Hospital Furniture and Equipment, Safety types of equipment, Office supplies, etc., in Nigeria a hassle-free and value-adding proposition. For this, we have efficient personnel, a secured payment gateway, a wide range of products to choose from, and products from top-notch brands in the market. So when it comes to buying hospital equipment online, patient care, and clinical outcomes, GZ offers branded and reliable solutions at the best prices online.

At GZ Industrial Supplies, you can choose from a diverse range of products in the same category, including medical accessories, Diagnostic Products, Hospital Furniture & Equipment, Respiratory Care, Mobility Aid, Support-Braces & Splints, Medical Consumables, Physiotherapy Aids, Gynaecology & Infant Care, Health & Personal Care, Hospital HollowareMedical Clothing at the lowest prices online. We provide the branded products which are tested for quality and safety to make sure that our customers do not have to compromise with the quality and reliability of the products. We understand the business requirement of industrial equipment and hence provide exclusive discounts on bulk buying with which you can save more and buy more. Where the modes of payment are concerned, you can choose the most convenient from Cash On Delivery, Credit offers (after approval), and Net Banking. In case of any doubt or query, all you need to do is ask for a callback and rest assured that you will get professional assistance as soon as possible from our customer service department. So get online now and navigate through our site to get information about any industrial product you have been looking for in Nigeria and buy them at the best prices online. GZ industrial supplies are your medical equipment and supplies shop for all your requirements of medical supplies.

Current new supplies are 

  • blood pressure monitors
  • defibrillators
  • light for lighting operations rooms
  • surgical
  • ultrasound machines
  • ventilators 

The different types of medical supplies and equipment in we stock in Nigeria.

1. Covid 19 Prevention Kits.

GZ Industrial Supplies as major medical equipment and consumables supplier in Nigeria, has unveiled their support for preventing COVID 19 in Nigeria and, by extension, the world.

2. Dental and ENT Care.

As the foremost medical equipment supplier in Nigeria, our range of dental and ENT care products is varied and with the best selection of both branded and high-quality products.

Home Care. As the foremost supplier and distributor of home care medical supplies in Nigeria, we have the largest rand of home care medical equipment in Nigeria.

4. Hospital.

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of hospital care equipment in Nigeria. As the foremost supplier of medical equipment in Nigeria, we are pleased to serve this segment of needs for medical equipment in hospitals in Nigeria.

5. Hospital Equipment.

GZ Industrial Supplies Medical division is a supplier of Medical furniture in Nigeria. As a major distributor and supplier of medical equipment, we try to satisfy customer demand at all times, no matter the location in Nigeria.

6. Medical Laboratory equipment.

As a distributor of medical laboratory equipment in Nigeria, we strive to be the best supplier of a reputation for all medical equipment we deal with.


7. Medical Training.


GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of medical training tools in Nigeria, as a medical equipment supplier in Nigeria.

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