Conoil Lubricants

Connoil Lubricants 

GZ Industrial supplies is the Distributor of Conoil Lubricants in Nigeria, we supply a wide range of the Conoil Lubricnats brand is a leading array of premium lubricants. In Nigeria, They  consistently rank as one of the best brand of lubrication and coolant products. It supplies top quality international brands of automotive engine oils, gear oils, transmission oils and multi-purpose bearing greases to a variety of commercial, industrial and retail customers. The brand is known for quality, technological excellence and environmental friendliness. 

The connoil lubricnats brand is Quatro and Golden Super, these brands hold top positions in the market and are adjudged the brand of choice. Quatro, which has the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) seal of excellence, earned the "Lubricant of the Year” award for several years running.

Besides the unique packaging which enhances the products’ visibility, these brands have a  wide range of industrial lubricants for applications in manufacturing, textile, cement, breweries, oil exploration and producing companies, and the transmission oils for the transmission and gear system of vehicles are also available.

High level of quality control in Lubricants manufacturing.

Equiped with high level of quality Control in the manufacturing of lubricants they own modern facility to ensure delivery of premium products with a high level of product integrity, on a consistent basis.