Cleon Tubula battery

Cleon Solar and Inverter Tall Tubular battery 12V 220AH

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GZ Is the supplier of Cleon Solar and Inverter Tall Tubular battery 12V 220AH in Nigeria. This Tubular battery has the ability to withstand frequent discharge ,gives enhanced life ,more backup and requires less water topping up.

The following are this product features Cleon Solar and Inverter Tall Tubular battery

  1. Spines are casted on high pressure die casting machines
  2. High purity lead oxide is used for the active material
  3. heavy durable polypropylene copolymer container
  4. less electrical resistance and high porosity tubular bag
  5. High oxidation resistant high porosity polyethylene separator
  6. charging of batteries done on most advanced temperature controlled acid recirculation system
  7. consistent back up through life
  8. low water loss
  9. water level indicators to check electrolyte level

This product is currently the only tubular battery with 2 years Warranty


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