Protective and Marine coatings solutions in Nigeria

GZ Industrial supplies is engaged in turnkey protective coating solutions in Nigeria, we have handled huge projects within and outside Nigeria, Let GZ Industrial supplies be your “go to” contractor and consultant. We provide turn-key applications that meet your specifications for industrial and commercial resinous coating systems, surface preparation and concrete polishing. 


Marine Protecting coatings products and services 

GZ Industrial Supplies Services' purview extends to the sea as well. Our Marine Services division has extensive experience delivering protective or repair solutions to all marine paints or gel coats. GZ Industrial supplies provide the best marine paint protection coating products and services across Nigeria and the globe.

Marine vehicles go through some of the challenging environments in the world, from salt, wind, and sunlight to grease, solvents, and exhaust fumes. Protecting your vehicles from these harmful elements requires our innovative products and experienced technicians.

Facts of Our products and Services

  • GZ Supplies coatings reduced the maintenance of vessels by 50% per annum
  • Our coatings do not contain silicone
  • Our products can transform the oxidized surface into new
  • GZ Supplies Marine coatings are non-toxic and environmentally adaptable

Our marine division currently operates on a retail level, supplying superior specialized products to many well-known brands.

Why Choose Our Service?

GZ Industrial provides the best marine paint protection coating in Nigeria and across the globe. Our high-performance, environmentally safe protective coatings have been engineered to enhance and maintain a like-new appearance for the lifetime of the paint for all sea-going vessels and automobiles. Our cutting-edge research and development laboratories have been leading the industry for over twenty years, and GZ Industrial is today considered the standard in facility protective coating solutions. 

Long Term Protection.

Our Coatings' sophisticated reactive polymer and UV filtering technology protects facility surfaces against fading and oxidation. This maintains the painting's original aesthetic brilliance. In addition to extending and prolonging the life of the color, it reduces the need for repaints. We provide the best marine paint protection coating in Nigeria and across the globe. We have partnered with leading global brands like SIGMA, Jotun, Epocoat, and Supplier Epoxy Oilserv to supply top-quality products we use in our services.

Performance Enhancement 

GZ Industrial coatings have been proven to reduce parasitic drag on commercial marine vessels, reducing engine cruise power settings and ultimately saving fuel. Our coatings provide the best marine paint protection coating in Nigeria and across the globe. 

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