Cassia - Heavy Duty Shelf

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Cassia - Heavy Duty Shelf

Cassia - Heavy Duty Shelf

GZ Industrial Supply is a Distributor of Cassia - Heavy Duty Shelf .

We have Shelves in all Sizes and Various Shapes and other Construction Tools.

Features Of Our Cassia - Heavy Duty Shelf

  • Optimum utilization of storage space
  • Stable, Flexible and Scalable design solutions
  • Wide range of upright and beam sections to accommodate the most demanding loads
  • Easy to dismantle, relocate or reconfigure
  • Wide range of accessories adaptable to your needs
  • Best storage system for extensive product types with split turnover

Cassia - Heavy duty shelving systems can be assembled in different configurations and dimensions based upon the requirements of the business. It is able to bear the weight of Light, Medium and heavy duty goods .

Looking for customized heavy duty shelving or pallet racking system?  Contact Us.