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Astor 50KVA 33/400KV
50.00 KGS
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GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier and distributor of Astor brand of Power Transformers in Nigeria. This Astor Transformers 50KVA 33/400KV is a cutting-edge electrical transformer built for seamless conversion of power from 33 kilovolts (kV) to 400 kilovolts (KV). With a capacity of 50 kilovolt-amperes (KVA), it's engineered to meet the demands of diverse industrial and commercial settings, ensuring consistent power distribution and precise voltage control. Its durable construction and innovative features guarantee reliable and secure electrical performance, making it the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-tier power solutions.

Specifications of ASTOR TRANSFORMERS 50KVA 33/400KV 

  • Capacity: 50kVA – 400kV
  • Voltage: 33KV/400V
  • Rated Power 50[kVA]
  • Low Voltage at no Load: 415[V]
  • Frequency: 50[Hz]
  • Impedance: 4(+-10%)[%]
  • No Load Losses: 1350(+15%)[W]
  • Load Losses at 75 °C: 7200(+15%)[W]
  • Weight: 50[kg]

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 Why oil is added to the transformer?

The main purposes of transformer oil are to cool and insulate a transformer. As a result, it needs to be highly dielectric, thermally conductive, and chemically stable, and it needs to maintain these characteristics over time at high temperatures.

Q2 What are the components of a power transformer?

The core, windings, insulation, tap changers, cooling systems, conservator tanks, Buchholz relays, explosion vents, drain valves, and gauges are some of the essential parts of power transformers. Together, these parts guarantee the power transformer operates safely and effectively.

Q3 How many types of transformer are there?

There are several different techniques to make transformers. Its numerous windings or coils on the main and secondary sides may have an impact on the voltage level. Based on the voltage level generated, the transformer is categorized as either a step-down, step-up, or isolation transformer.

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