Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery T3 155AH 12V

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0092 T3 0770
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Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery T3 155AH 12V

Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery T3 155AH 12V

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Bosch Power tools and Bosch automotive battery in Nigeria. This Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery T3 155AH 12V are only used to start up machines. The most common application of a starter battery is starting an engine. The starter battery is characterized by having a greater starting power compared to other batteries. These batteries are therefore only used to occasionally deliver a very large capacity. Starter batteries have relatively many and thin lead plates, which allows them to supply these larger currents for a short time. 

Modern vehicles use increasing number of components that require electrical power. Bosch batteries provide a power supply that ensures the necessary high performance, safety and correct power for any task.

The T3 SLI Lead Acid Battery is made For Commercial Vehicles. It is manufactured with Special grid stamping technique for optimized flow of current and reduced corrosion to prevent early battery failure. It provides reliable starting power and average service life.

The T3 batteries meet depending on type the vibration resistance V2 or V3 according to EN-standard to offer good vibration-resistance.

Technical Specifications of Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery T3 155AH 12V

Brand:   Bosch

Brand Type: T5

Voltage [V]: 12

Battery Capacity [Ah]: 155

Cold-test Current, EN [A]: 900

Length [mm]: 513

Width [mm]: 222

Height [mm]: 223

Post Positions: 3

Hold-down Type: B00

Terminal Type: 1

Product line: T3

Battery: Lead-acid battery

Item number: 0 092 T30 770

Weight 38 kg 

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