Bosch Double Shank 6x12,7x51mm

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Bosch Double Shank 6x12,7x51mm

Bosch Double Shank 6x12,7x51mm

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Bosch Power tools in Nigeria. The Bosch double shank 6x12,7x51mm is an excellent accessory used by joinery, furniture designers, carpenters, furniture manufacturers etc in performing grooves, fitting and joints.

Our Bosch Double Shank 6x12,7x51mm is made with superior tungsten material with the sole intension of blending precision with super performance and It can be used in construction sites and workshops.

Technical Specification of Bosch Double Shank 6x12,7x51mm

  •  Cut number: 2;
  •  Cutting diameter: 12.7mm;
  •  Useful length: 19.5mm;
  •  Total length: 51mm;
  •  Rod: 6mm;
  •  Maximum rotation: 30,000rpm;
  •  Model: 2608628443;
  •  Brand: Bosch;