Bulk Storage Tank Ambient Air Vaporizer [ Carbon Dioxide ]

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Bulk Storage Tank Ambient Air Vaporizer [ Carbon Dioxide ]

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Industrial Tools in Nigeria. 

Our Bulk Storage Tank Ambient Air Vaporizer [ Carbon Dioxide ] has been designed specially for Carbon Dioxide. The units are fully tested and are delivered with performance rating guaranteed. Regulator can be used to enhance vaporizing capacity and traditional electrical vaporization can be both reduced and eliminated to reduce both costs and service problem, packs more surface area into each foot of the innovative fin extrusion and yet provides a generous gap for frost growth allowing 1:5 days continuous operation between defrost in freezing climates. Determine air design temperature and use performance table or performance  since Carbon Dioxide is usually stored as a liquid at 250 : 300 PSIG with corresponding boiling range between of -30°F : 0°F, extracting the heat of vaporization from the ambient air requires that the ambient air be warmer than the Carbon Dioxide. The warmer air is the higher vaporizing rating and the colder air the low performance.

Ambient air vaporizer can now be used for Carbon Dioxide under air temperature down to -35°F, by adding controlled pressure reducing regulator to the liquid before it enters the vaporizer. The vaporization process occurs at temperatures as low as -60°F and allows the vaporizer to extract heat from the air efficiently in area with low winter temperatures of -40°F, free heat from the air can cut vaporizer power costs to zero and provide paybacks from 6 months to 12 months, depending on location and use rate.

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    Posted by Timi Meari on Sep 03, 2019

    I recommend this bulk storage tank ambient air vaporizer for purchase as it meets my expectations.

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