Storage and Processing

Agricultural Storage and Processing

As farm sizes grow, today's Agricultural facilities are becoming more complex entities requiring engineering design. As technology improves, the importance of facility and process integration will grow. Infrastructure for growth, storage, handling, and processing of agricultural commodities consist of complex systems such as sophisticated equipment for loading and unloading from truck, rail, and ship; storage structures of all types and sizes; advanced handling and processing equipment; and some individual facilities for housing/protection of this equipment. These systems design must be built and operated by engineers familiar with the unique codes, regulations, and design specifications applicable to agricultural facilities.

At GZ Industrial Supplies, we understand the needs of the agricultural community. We involve ourselves in the design of many types of agricultural facilities, including grain bins and their foundations, fertilizer facilities, animal production facilities, and many other commercial agriculture types. Nigeria is a struggling country with many lacking world standard facilities for storage and processing, we have come to completely fill up that void.

Not every engineer has experience with agricultural facility design. Agricultural Facility Engineering Services is one area GZ Industrial Supplies have extensive expertise. We also have experience with the design of agricultural production and storage facilities. Our engineers are involved in the standards development for these structures for Nigeria, and we are excited about this.
We are involved with various kinds of facilities such as
Grain Bins & Silos

Agricultural storage and processes equipment:

• Towers & Conveyor Bridges
• Grain handling facilities & systems layout
• Animal housing
• Aquaculture production facilities
• Fertilizer storage
• Post-Frame Construction
• Agricultural Processing Facilities
GZ Industrial Supplies as the foremost industrial supplier for Agricultural Machinery in Nigeria has partnered with leading global brands in agricultural machinery with specialization in grain processing, storage and sorting such as Romax, Agromig, Favore, Voronezh Agromash, CSOrt and TEXNA

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