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GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria will provide you top brand-name in industrial electronics appliances and batteries, consumer electronics including PA systems, intercom systems, high-definition televisions and Inverters Look to GZ for standard batteries for general use, for your trucks, your cars or high-performance lithium batteries. Outfit your breakroom with dependable commercial-grade supplies from GZ,  along with coffee makers, range tops and microwave ovens. Our Inverters is guranteed for a whole year, quality is topmost in our strategy.

Electronics appliances in GZ industrial Supplies Nigeria.

Our scope of industrial electronics supplies and services encompasses the applications of electronics, controls and communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing systems and processes. Nigeria is a hugely potential haven for industrial growth hence GZ industrial supplies is poised to support this effort

Power Inverters   

GZ industrial supplies have stock of reliable and guranteed stock of power inverters both for domestic and industrial applications, we have patnered with the best quality brands like Xantrex, Luminous, Mpower, Prag, etc.

About inverters

inverters have revolutionized the way we live with independent mobile power systems, providing silent AC electricity anytime, anywhere. An inverter transforms the DC electricity stored in batteries into standard household AC power. With our power inverter you don’t have to rely on hard-to-find DC-powered appliances or a noisy generator to enjoy the comforts of home in your vehicle, RV or boat. Inverters are efficient and reliable devices that come in a variety of sizes and power ranges to meet just about any power need. We offer portable models designed for light AC loads such as small television sets and high powered hardwire units that provide electricity for homes larger vehicles and boats. 

Our Automotive Batteries 

With its flagship brands VARTA, ENERGIZER, Solite and Blue StormGZ Industrial Supplies will provide you with the right battery for the job, not only for your passenger vehicle or your commercial vehicle but also in your downtime (motorcycles, mowers, deke, bikes, vans, boats, etc.).

On a more limited budget, other no less prestigious brands will allow you to make the most of the technology of the world's leader in lead acid batteries.