Conoil Gazol LA 40 Gas Engine oil 208 Liters

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Conoil Gazol LA 40 Gas Engine oil 208 Liters

Conoil Gazol LA 40 Gas Engine oil 208 Liters

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of Conoil industrial lubricants in Nigeria. We supply all the industrial lubricants product accross Nigeria, Our Conoil Gazol LA 40 Gas Engine oil is a staionary gas engine lubricant.

Premium quality stationary gas engine oil

Quatro Gazol LA is a premium quality oil blended for use in highly-rated, spark-ignition engines which require a 'low ash' oil. It is a blend of specially selected base oils and a balanced package of additives consisting of ash containing an ashless detergents/dispersants, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming agents.
Quatro Gazol LA satisfies the new generation of stationary gas engines designed to meet the emerging legislation limiting emissions of NOx, and those which employ the latest 'lean' or 'clean' burn technology.

Applications of this Lubricant

it is used in a spark-ignited gas engines fuelled by natural gas

Performance Features

  • Excellent piston & engine cleanlinessLong and efficient engine operation
  • Exceptional oxidation & nitration resistanceProlongs oil life by resisting viscosity increase and the formation of harmful acids, especially in demanding cogeneration (CHP) applications
  • Optimised level of 'ash' components, helps prolong the life of valves and spark plugs
  • Reserve alkalinity, TBN-E (total base number) of 5 to neutralise acids and provide corrosion protection.
  • Low phosphorus level, Compatible with engines equipped with emission catalysts

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