Electronic Analytical Balance Fa1004 Hellog

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Hellog Fa1004
5.50 KGS
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 Electronic Analytical Balance Fa1004 Hellog

 Electronic Analytical Balance Fa1004  Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of hellog Agricultural Equipment in Nigeria. The Electronic Analytical Balance Fa1004  Hellog features Modular electromagnetic force sensor, High sensitivity light touch buttons and Four level shockproof.

Feature of Electronic Analytical Balance Fa1004  Hellog

  • Weighing range indicate, white light LCD display
  • Under hook recessed
  • The glass door lock to protecting transportation
  • RS232 interface module, USB interface module, built-in clock
  • Independent "Tare" and "zero" bottom, two-way communication
  • Dynamic temperature compensation
  • Weighing speed adjustable, showing way adjustable
  • Zero in range ability

Technical parameter of  Electronic Analytical Balance Fa1004  Hellog

Weighing Capacity(g) 110
Readability(mg) 0.1
Repeatability(≤mg) ±0.1
Linearity(≤mg) ±0.2
Pan Size( mm) Ф90
Gross Weight( kg) 7.5
Net Weight (kg) 5.5
Dimension(mm) 365×223×338
Packing Measurement (mm) 500×310×450

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