Gulf Superfleet LE 15W40 - CI-4, SUPFLE15W4025 25 l

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Gulf Superfleet LE 15W40 - CI-4, SUPFLE15W4025 25 l
24.00 KGS
Gulf Superfleet LE 15W40 - CI-4, SUPFLE15W4025 25 l

Gulf Superfleet LE 15W40 - CI-4, SUPFLE15W4025 25 l

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributors of Gulf Lubricants in Nigeria. The Gulf Superfleet LE 15W-40 is a super high performance diesel engine oil for use in all modern low emission, turbocharged & naturally aspirated diesel engines.

Our Gulf Superfleet LE 15W-40 is blended from selected base stocks and advanced additives to provide utmost engine protection and extended oil drain intervals. The product has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of engines conforming to Euro 3 and Euro 2 emission norms and also meets the stringent requirements of other major global engine manufacturers.

Features and Benefits 

Features and Benefits of Gulf Superfleet LE 15W-40  CI-4, SUPLE15W4025

  • Excellent thermo-oxidative stability controls deposits & viscosity facilitating longer drain intervals
  • – Advanced detergency reduces deposits and enhances engine cleanliness
  • – Better soot handling capability leads to control of soot induced oil thickening and wear
  • – Exceptional anti-wear properties protect critical engine components resulting in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs

Applications of Gulf Superfleet LE 15W-40 

  •  Turbocharged and naturally aspirated low emission diesel engines of all major manufacturers
  • – SAE 10W-30 meets API CH-4 engine test performance requirements as specified in Ford WSSM2C921-A specification and recommended for use in LCVs – transit/ panel vans, minibuses and pick-up trucks – of major OEMs including Ford where such quality oils are recommended.
  • – On-highway light and heavy-duty trucking including high speed-high load service and short haul pick-up/delivery van
  • – Heavy duty diesel engines in mining, construction, agriculture and other off-highway applications


Specifications Gulf Superfleet LE 15W-40 

  • – ACEA E7; Global DHD-1

  • – Volvo VDS-2; Caterpillar ECF-1a


Approvals Gulf Superfleet LE 15W-40 

  •  API CH-4/SJ, Volvo VDS-3, Mack EO-N, RVI RLD-2 X

  • – This product meets Cummins® Eng. Std. CES 20076 X

  • – MB-Approval 228.3 X

  • – MAN M 3275, MTU Oil Category 2

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    Posted by Okpala Dike on Nov 25, 2022

    I ordered this GULF SUPERFLEET LE 15W40 - CI-4, SUPFLE15W4025 25 L online from GZ and after it's application, I observed it specifically met all the expected requirements. My client and I are very impressed. Expect lots of positive returns from us. grateful heart

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    GULF SUPERFLEET LE 15W40 - CI-4, SUPFLE15W4025 25 L

    Posted by Precious Abanyi on Aug 10, 2022

    GULF SUPERFLEET LE 15W40 - CI-4, SUPFLE15W4025 25 L is a high performance motor oil, protects against corrosion and smooth running of motor engine