GZ Custom Manufacturing in NIgeria

GZ Custom Manufacturing in NIgeria


GZ Industrial supplies NIgeria will accept customer manufacturing and Fabrication of products of interest we are small enough to listen, big enough to deliver.

We have an automated system in place to support less error because our major manufacturing source is “human”, we iterate your designs quickly to suit what you want and advice based off of customer perspective, we make to order with high production time, and high quality assurance.

We take pride in applying our breadth of knowledge and experience in technology development, manufacturing and quality systems to solve the problems you face.  When you talk custom with us, you work with a cross-functional team of peers who are ready to help bring your ideas to life.

GZ Industrial Supplies utilizes a global and local network of renowned manufacturers to produce project specific goods based on ideas from high resource technical team. The consistent high quality products produced by GZ Industrial Supplies, and the respect and consideration we provide all our business partners, have earned GZ a reputation as the "go to source" for contract manufacturing with nationally known companies across the country.

Quality chemical Toll blending: 

We enforce strict quality standards both in our operations and from our suppliers. Certificates of Analysis are required from all suppliers for raw materials , and all incoming raw materials and components are subject to rigorous inspection prior to release for production. Quality checks by Prodution and Quality Assurance personnel occur at key blending, filling, and packaging steps. A Quality Control team utilizing a state of the art microbiology lab backs up this process with complete chemical testing. Standard lab tests for pH, viscosity, and non-volatiles are performed on site. We can also perform more in-depth testing using: titrations, gas chromatography, and refractive index. For required chemical characteristics that is a must we contract to our local and international accredited labs for such tests.

If you're looking for high quality product that will pass all known standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)  facility to manufacture a cleaning and maintenance product for you, GZ Industrail supplies can help. We have the experience and expertise to handle acid, alkali, and corrosive materials. We package liquids, foams, gels, aerosols, powders, wipes, and dilution system products in Industrial and Retail packaging from 4 oz bottles to quarts to gallons; pails, drums, and totes; 10 to 50 lbs bags; aerosol cans; pop-up wiper and dilution-system style canisters.

Talk to us and we bring your ideas to life


Metal fabrication Services:


Does your company require unique products that are not available in the stock inventory of most metal suppliers? Are you having trouble finding a quality-focused, customer-oriented metal shop that can fabricate the custom products your business needs? GZ Industrial Supplies Custom Metal fabrication Solutions fabricates all their products and offers a host of customized industrial metal fabrication services tailored to your project requirements.

We can also help you set up a welding workshop with standard required equipment