GZ Electrical projects solution in Nigeria

Electrical projects solution in Nigeria

At GZ Industrial supplies, we understand the importance of attention to detail and the crucial nature of deadlines. We work diligently to ensure that each deadline is met without cutting corners or overlooking details. Whether making upgrades to stay up to date on codes and regulations, starting from scratch, or adding new facilities and expanding your capabilities, GZ Industrial supplies has the experience to deliver the high-quality results demanded in construction. 

The GZ Industrial supplies electrical project solution Competitive Advantage

We have highly skilled and trained professionals, diverse expertise and extensive experience in the health care, education, commercial, retail and hospitality, residential mixed use and industrial construction sectors. Please review our completed electrical projects by industry to discover the benefits and exceptional results we bring to our customers, safely, on time and on budget. 

We also stock a lot of eletrical materials with the very best quality in the country, this is why we are trusted 

Electrical PROJECTS


If your project requires superior electrical solutions, choose the experts whose standard operating procedure is to deliver excellence on every phase of every job, every day.



Superior electrical solutions for industrial, commercial, and service environments.

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Telecommunication Construction
  • Service, Maintenance and Repair
  • Preconstruction/Value Engineering
  • Design Build / Design Assist
  • BIM / 3D Coordination

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about our Electrical Projects solution in NIgeria



Q: How is GZ Industrial Supplies Electric’s safety program structured? Does it meet industry standards?

A: You would have a hard time finding an electrical contractor with a more comprehensive safety program.

  • Our award-winning program includes comprehensive drug-free workplace education, training and testing.
  • Our commitment to safety is underscored through our training and enforcement of company policy, state regulations and OSHA rules.
  • A full-time GZ Industrial supplies safety supervisor coordinates training, conducts jobsite inspections, and internally enforces company, state and federal regulations.
  • ALL of our electricians have completed the OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour Construction Safety and Health course.
  • We establish a site-specific safety plan at the start of each project.
  • We conduct weekly toolbox talks to satisfy an OSHA mandate that demonstrates a working and vital safety program
  • Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is well below the 1.0 industry average

Our total commitment to safety helps ensure your project stays safe, on time, and on budget.


Electrical Contracting Services

Q: What are GZ Industrial supplies’s specialized capabilities for industrial projects?

A: GZ Industrial supplies, a core specialty of ours is industrial work; through the years, we’ve seen it all, and our electrical contracting experience on industrial projects of all sizes and scopes gives us deep insight into the characteristics that define truly exceptional electrical contracting firms in the industrial arena. Capabilities that GZ Industrial supplies in the industrial arena include:

  • Execution—with or without complete drawings
  • Proven ability to work in demanding – even extreme – environments
  • Adherence to aggressive and strict time constraints
  • The ability to identify potential design issues and oversights, then mitigate the damage with minimal or no effect on scheduling or budgets. Catching mistakes early on can mitigate the associated cost and help ensure trouble-free electrical operations over time.
  • An ability to set a scope of work and a workable budget solely on conceptual drawings only.
  • Conduit bending experience. For industrial applications, rigid conduit is often used, which leaves little room for error.  
  • The ability to read a control diagram and understand it, including recognizing what the engineer’s intent was (for example, understanding the intent of a particular control circuit – i.e., how it’s supposed to operate). No one is perfect – even engineers – so when errors do occur, your electrical contractor should have the capability to catch mistakes.
  • Experience with complicated heat trace installations.
  • Experience with fire installations and Category 5 installations.
  • Knowledge of lock-out and tag-out procedures. Your electrical contracting firm should know what’s required to keep its workers safe so they aren’t harmed by shortcuts that may have been taken by others.
  • A 100 percent commitment to safety and training.
  • An organization-wide commitment to quality.
  • A genuine sense of care. At Gz, we take business personally—we truly care about our customers, and we care about getting the job done in a first-class, quality fashion, on time and on budget. That’s a subjective statement; but we think the care we bring to our work shines through and is visible in all our actions and interactions with industrial customers. This is an intangible quality that we think deserves prominence in your decision-making process as you consider which electrical contractor is best suited for your next industrial project.

Q: What are GZ Industrial supplies specialized capabilities for health care projects?

A: Every construction project places tough demands on electrical contractors. Yet health care projects are a special breed, for the electrical systems that power health care facilities – from large hospitals to outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, physician offices and beyond – are highly complex and equally critical.

When it comes to selecting an electrical contractor for a health care construction project, there are many criteria you can consider. Yet at GZ Industrial supplies, we believe four capabilities in particular distinguish electrical contractors that can perform as you need them to in this demanding realm:

  • Experience: This includes considerations like managing power distribution requirements; understanding which systems should be separated, what each of their functions is, and why they should be separated; understanding the electrical code’s requirements, and experience coordinating multiple systems like these in a variety of health care environments—not just one type (e.g., physician offices).
  • The ability to identify potential design issues and oversights, then mitigate the damage with minimal or no effect on scheduling or budgets
  • The ability to mobilize, dedicate and commit qualified and experienced labor to work the project on schedule and on budget
  • The knowledge and understanding necessary to look beyond the drawings and truly understand how systems work in and of themselves, and in tandem with other building systems
  • A 100 percent commitment to safety and training.
  • An organization-wide commitment to quality.


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Vendor Terms

Q: What are your vendor terms and conditions?

A: Click here to view our vendor terms and conditions.

Q: What are your subcontractor terms and conditions?

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