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INGCO Battery Charger (ING-CD2201)

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INGCO Battery Charger Ingco(ING-CD2201)

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Ingco Tools and equipment in Nigeria. The INGCO Battery Charger Ingco(ING-CD2201) is a device that can charge 12V or 24V batteries with a reference capacity of 70-300Ah. It has a durable and compact design, with a sturdy metal casing and a convenient handle. It also has a clear LED indicator and a protection function. The input voltage is 220-240V, and the frequency is 50/60Hz. The rated current is 16/18A, and the boost current is 20A. The battery charger has an insulation class of H, which means it can withstand high temperatures and humidity. The Battery Charger Ingco(ING-CD2201) is easy to use, with a normal charge, quick charge and quick starting function. The Battery Charger Ingco(ING-CD2201) is suitable for various types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and lawn mowers.

Technical specifications of the INGCO Battery Charger Ingco(ING-CD2201):

  • Input voltage (V): 220-240
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Charging voltage (V): 12/24
  • Rated current (A): 16/18
  • Boost current (A): 20
  • Reference capacity (Ah): 70-300
  • Insulation class: H
  • Normal charge, quick charge and quick starting function
  • Weight (Kg): 15
  • Packed by carton box

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take to recharge a dead battery using a battery charger?

Charging a standard car battery with a normal charge amp of 4-8 amps will take roughly 10-24 hours to fully charge. However, it will take approximately 2-4 hours to charge your battery enough to start the engine.

2. How do you know when a battery on a battery charger has been fully charged?

Some chargers are programmed to shut off when the battery is fully charged, but not all chargers are automatic. Some models include a light that indicates when the battery is fully charged. 

3. Can I leave a battery charger on overnight?

Yes you can. While there is no risk of overcharging when using a high-quality charger, the battery should not be attached to the charger for more than 24 hours. Overnight charging typically results in a full charge.

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Martin on Apr 27, 2020

    strong and fast charger

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    top quality

    Posted by Cassidy Joe on Nov 28, 2019

    highly powerful

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