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LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50

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LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50
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LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of lubemax products in Nigeria. LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 is a low silicate, ethylene glycol based multi-purpose coolant, designed for use in automotive, light duty engines as well as heavy-duty diesel engines where low silicate formula with the addition of SCA’s.

Application of LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50

LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 meets the requirements specified by ASTM D3306 for automotive/ light duty applications as well as ASTM D4985 for basic heavy duty applications. Typical applications include:
¥ Automobiles requiring a non-extended life, low silicate coolant.
¥ Heavy duty cooling systems requiring a non-extended life, low silicate coolant that is compatible with supplemental coolant additives.

Features and Benefits of LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50

LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant is a virgin ethylene glycol based product blended with a high performance additive package. This low silicate coolant is phosphate, nitrite, and amine free and is designed for use in all types of engines, particularly those containing aluminum alloys.

LubeMax proven performance technology provides antifoam properties, and protection against rust and corrosion for aluminum, brass, copper, solder, steel and cast iron. LubeMax’s proprietary corrosion inhibitor system ensures year-round protection against freeze-ups, boil-overs, and engine cooling system corrosion while protecting aluminum better than silicate formulas without the problems of silica gel formation or silicate cloudiness. This formula also includes ingredients to disperse minor oil leakage, prevent fouling, control hot surface scaling, and will not damage auto finishes or rubber parts. Mixes readily with clean tap water and is compatible with cooling system filters and supplemental coolant additives. LubeMax Conventional Antifreeze/Coolant is available in concentrate and 50/50 prediluted versions for convenience and versatility. Other custom blends are available upon request.

LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 delivers value through the following benefits:
¥ Wide application range — used in a wide variety of automotive vehicles where low silicate product is required. It can also be used in heavy duty engines when SCA’s are added where recommended by OEM. Also suitable for use in industrial internal combustion engines where an antifreeze/coolant is required to provide protection against freezing, boil over, and corrosion.
¥ Service life — 2 years or 80,000 km (50,000 miles) in automotive service when correct maintenance practices are followed.
¥ Protection — provides excellent protection to automotive cooling system components including aluminum.
¥ Compatibility — compatible with most major brands of coolant technology; compatible with heavy duty coolant additive filters and liquids.

Specifications and Approvals LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50

LubeMax Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 is recommeded for use where the following specifications are listed AUTOMOTIVE

• ASTM D3306
• ASTM D4340
• SAE J1034
• SAE J1931
• Ford ESE-M97B44-A
• GM 1825M (Performance spec. for GM 6043M)
• Chrysler MS-7170
• VW TL774C (G11)
• Toyota
• ASTM D4985 for heavy duty diesel service
• SAE J1941
• TMC of ATA RP-302A-1, RP-302B
• Caterpillar
• Cummins 90T8-4
• GM 1899M
• Volvo/GM Heavy Truck
• John Deere H24B1, H24C1
• Mack Truck
• Navistar B1 (type I) 

Frequently Asked Questions.
1. What is Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50?

Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 is a premixed solution of antifreeze and water in a 1:1 ratio. It is commonly used to provide freeze protection, heat transfer, and corrosion inhibition in a vehicle's cooling system.

2. What are the main functions of Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50?

Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 prevents the engine's cooling system from freezing in cold temperatures and from overheating in hot conditions. It also contains additives that help prevent corrosion and scale buildup within the cooling system.

3. Why is a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water recommended?

A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water provides optimal freeze protection and heat transfer capabilities. This mixture has a lower freezing point and a higher boiling point compared to using pure water or antifreeze alone.

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