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Mammography Machine Hellog

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Mammography Machine Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is the  Distributor and supplier of Hellog products in Nigeria.

Screening mammography is a specific type of breast imaging that uses low-dose x-rays to detect cancer early – before women experience symptoms – when it is most treatable.


 With the awareness of breast cancer going global, women are now used to regular check-up thereby making the mammography machine a very important equipment.

An x-ray exam helps doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions. It exposes you to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. X-rays are the oldest and most often used form of medical imaging. But the Digital mammography machine helps enhance that x-ray image to a more understanding image of the breast for clearer understanding.

Isocenter Streamline Design
Intelligent Flexible Oppression
Graceful Streamline Design
Accord with Ergonomics


Technical Specification

  3 High voltage generator assembly  
3.1 Maximum output power: 5KW
3.2 Output voltage range: 20-40kv
3.3 Output current range: 10ma-160ma
3.4 Loading time range: 0.005s-10s
3.5 Current time product regulation range: 0.5-560mas
3.6 With exposure control system, support one key exposure or hand brake exposure.
4 X-ray tube assembly
4.1 Double speed rotating anode
4.2 Nominal tube voltage: 40kV
4.3 Anode heat capacity: 300KHU
4.4 Anode rotating speed: 10000 rpm
4.5 Anode material: Molybdenum
4.6 Nominal focus size: small focus 0.1mm, large focus 0.3mm
5 Flat panel detector Component
5.1 Imaging medium: amorphous silicon
5.2 Imaging size: 240mm × 300mm
5.3 Conventional spatial resolution: 7.0lp/mm
5.4 Pixel matrix: 4096 x 3072
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    Mammography Machine Hellog

    Posted by Humphery Eden on Jun 12, 2023

    Great quality product. it serves excellently. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

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