Calabar GZ Industrial Supplies Limited Showroom sales center is open for businesses with fully-stocked products. The showroom now has best-in-class power tools, chemicals, lubricants, welding machines, and consumables. Also new in stock are Industrial and automotive Lubricants brands Shell, Sinopec, and Lubemax. Welding Machines and consumables. Increase in stock of Power tools brands from INGCO,  BOSCH, Maxmech, Powerflex, and Coofix. Super magnetic drills from Bosch, GZ-Cayken, Industrial chemicals (Epochem Resin and Hardener, Degreaser, etc.), Marine paints, and coatings (OEM brands such as Sigma paints, Jotun paints, International paint brand, etc.) as reported by  PRLOG.

Our showroom in Calabar at 30/32 Ndidem Usang Iso, Marian Road, has a world-renowned brand for industrial power tools and accessories, chemicals, paints, welding machines, and consumables, Lubricants, etc.

Ms. Lillan Uzuegbu confirmed how calculated this move is in a statement. "GZ Industrial Supplies is one of the largest industrial hardware distributors,  INGCO/BOSCH, Maxmech/Power Flex/Makita/Dewalt, Chemicals, Paints, Welding machines, Lubricants, etc. in Nigeria. We are excited to tell you that our Calabar showroom is full of different products due to public demand. The products are known for their top quality, which refers to function, usability and appearance, and efficiency, performance, maintainability, and, most importantly, affordability. These award-winning products have been designed with great attention to every detail, making the brand stand out. Our quality products and competitive prices make us a visitor destination."


Our products are affordable and of high quality: Our products are affordable with outstanding after-sales service. We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality, economically-priced power tools, chemicals, paints, etc. Some of our power tools cordless drill have high precision metal gears with a LED lamp on the front of it to light the workplace. The motor on the cordless drill is also high technology. It is a compact two-speed gearbox design, and the motor uses high-quality copper, which makes it powerful, efficient, and long-lasting. It has an agile electric brake which makes starting the engine exact with full return warrantees. We also have in stock  Lubemax, Shell, and Mobil brands of lubricating oil; this product helps in decreasing friction and increasing power and performance.

Speed and Accuracy: The table saw, for instance, not only cuts faster than a regular hand saw, but the cuts are smoother, straighter and squarer than what usually is achievable with a handheld power saw.

Time saving: The efficient cordless power tools now have improved technology, various accessories, and enhanced models. These features have made them reliable for different applications. Our products are safer and save time, likewise our  Epochem brand of chemicals; Workers can work on the most robust material with less effort.

Convenience: You can use the cordless power tools (cordless drill) in multiple jobs, both indoor and outdoor, and can also work in the areas where electricity is not available with these tools because they are battery-powered. The batteries are very sophisticated and have over-current protection, which prevents damage, over-temperature protection, which protects the machine, keeps the operator safe, and charges/discharge protection, improving safety and the machine's lifetime.


GZ industrial Calabar showroom, an inviting environment, was set up to encourage our highly esteemed customers to interact with the products consistently. The aim is for one-on-one services offering and affording customers to see products physically. Here we can now allow customers to feel the product and make inquiries in person. Calabar was a sensible choice because of its dynamic nature is a town with an International airport, a Free Trade Zone, the University of Calabar. The annual Christmas Festival held every year attracts thousands from within and beyond Nigeria.


GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is a company whose existence is premised upon the need for industrial materials distribution and supplies. We are home to the most significant direct marketers and premier distributors of Power Tools, Metalworking and Maintenance, Repair and Operations ("MRO") supplies, workshop tools, Lubricants, Chemicals, Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals to industrial customers in Nigeria. We are Nigeria-based e-commerce enabled business serving the needs of OEM and MRO customers in virtually every industry.

We offer a single-window source for providing a diverse product line from industry-trusted manufacturers. We trade under the brand GZ Industrial Supplies.

If you are looking for high quality and affordable products, you can visit us at 30/32 Ndidem Usang Iso, Marian Road or call 08053098754. 

Where Can I buy Power tools in Calabar

The best place to buy power tools in Calabar is from GZ Idustrial supplies showroom calabar. At GZ Industrial Supplies, we have a wide range of industrial, commercial & home use power tools like electric screwdrivers, cordless power tools, rotatory etc.

What is the best power tools company in Nigeria

GZ Industrial Supplies is the best power tools supplier in Nigeria, with a stock of over 100,000 power tools in stock. We have a walk in store in major cities in Nigeria

What is the best power tools brand in Nigeria

All the power tools that is carried in stock by GZ Industrial Supplies are great brands but brands like Bosch, Ingco, Maxmech, Makita, Coofix tools are all great brands and have a good warranty of one year from the date of purchase

Apr 20, 2021 Hope Ogbuwa

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