E-Commerce website and white color space as a purchase enabler

E-Commerce website and white color space as a purchase enabler

E-Commerce website and white color space as a purchase enabler

I started a recent website re-modification gig with GZ Industrial supplies website, the first thing I noticed was a lot of product images with low-quality images, the slider carousels were not as attractive as required.

When I first entered the company's website URL gz-supplies.com. I noticed that the website load speed, not so slow — still, enough to annoy any waiting customer who wants to make a purchase. Website load speed was not a significant worry in itself. What bothered me most was the predominantly dark colors on the website, and how it made me feel. My feelings and mood were so affected that I almost wanted to recommend a total overhauling of every prior work done by the graphic designer. The visual team was doing a great job, clear call to action (CTA), well laid out product categories, localized images of team, products, and physical store locations.

I almost wanted to exit the website until I realized why my mood was somewhat disturbed; the abundance of dark images and backgrounds is a mood changer. Any significant CTA must start with a great, likable color.

What is this about color?

The color scheme in websites can trigger the desired response, buying products from the site, I love blue a lot, I will 90% of the time buy a blue t-shirt against 30% buy a similar t-short of green color. Response based on color is one dominant consumer behavior that is mostly considered by big retail stores. Our brains process images and color the same way, much faster than texts or words. Hence visual elements are one of the highly-rated emotional enablers apart from including enough texts and creative wordings.

I recommended a change in the color scheme of slider image elements and increased white space on all available space on the website.

What changed? Increased Traffic/CTA

After the recommended color scheme change, we noticed an increased spike in website traffic, average time spent on website content and response to image call to actions (CTA's). The change to majorly white space may be a significant reason for increased online purchases. It takes 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a product, at this time, 62-90% of this interaction is determined by the color of the product, by extension, the color the eyes see. I made this correction, and I am glad I did.

We are moving to become Nigeria's most sought-after industrial supplies consumables supplier, with branded show rooms accross Nigeria, we will achieve this feat.

12th Jan 2020 Theodora Nnagbo

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