PRESS RELEASE: Honda to Begin Sales of EU32i, All-New Portable Generator Equipped with Sine Wave Inverter, in Europe in March 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Honda to Begin Sales of EU32i, All-New Portable Generator Equipped with Sine Wave Inverter, in Europe in March 2022

On the 17th day of January 2022, Honda announced plans to begin sales of an all-new EU32i portable generator equipped with a newly designed dedicated engine (maximum output: 3.2kVA). Sales will commence in the European region in March of this year, expanding sales to other countries worldwide.

With the diversification of generator use, including as a power source for various outdoor and recreational activities and backup power supply during emergencies such as a disaster, the need for high-output yet compact, lightweight, and portable generators have been increasing. To fulfill such demands, EU32i, an all-new generator equipped with a newly-developed dedicated GX130 engine with a sine wave inverter, which features both 3kVA-class high output and lightweight, compact, and highly portable packaging. Featuring Honda’s original sine wave inverter technology, the EU32i can provide a stable supply of high-quality electrical output with smooth waveform, which even makes EU32i compatible with precision instruments that require high-quality electricity.

For the exterior design, black-base coloring was adopted for the first time among all Honda generators. While generating a sharp image by accentuating shading, the design with rounded corners was adopted to mitigate possible damage and the risk of bumping into people or other objects while being carried.

Moreover, utilizing a dedicated app on a smartphone and Bluetooth communication, the user can check the status of the EU32i generator, including the remaining fuel level and operating time, and remotely control the generator, including turning off the engine, which increases user-friendliness.

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