Propane gas and its industrial uses

Propane gas and its industrial uses

propane gas

Propane, the most common liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas), is one of the  most versatile sources of energy and supplies about 4 percent of total energy needs. Propane exists as a liquid and a gas. At atmospheric pressure and temperatures above –44 F, it is a non-toxic, colorless and odorless gas. Just as with natural gas, an identifying odor is added so it can be readily detected. When contained in an approved cylinder or tank, propane exists as a liquid and vapor. The vapor is released from the container as a clean-burning fuel gas. Propane is 270 times more compact as a liquid than as a gas, making it economical to store and transport as a liquid.

Its Uses:

Consumers use propane for heating and cooling homes, heating water, cooking, refrigeration, drying clothes, barbecuing, lighting.

Because propane is portable and clean-burning, it is used by millions of recreational vehicle owners and camping enthusiasts, Gas grills, outdoor gas lights, saunas, and greenhouse heaters.

Propane is a staple on  farms, where it is used in a wide range of agricultural applications such as-

  • Crop drying—corn, soybeans, grains, tobacco, apples, peanuts, onions and other crops
  • Fruit ripening
  • Space heating—for barns, pig farrowing houses, chicken houses, stock tanks, nurseries, greenhouses, orchards, and incubators.
  • Water heating—for dairies and stock watering tanks, etc

For its commercial purposes, commercial establishments, such as hotels, restaurants and laundromats use propane in the same way a homeowner does: for heating and cooling air, heating water, cooking, refrigeration, drying clothes, barbecuing, and lighting. Moreso,industrial sites rely on it for space heating, brazing, soldering, cutting, heat treating, annealing, vulcanizing, and many other uses. Petrochemical industries use propane in the manufacture of plastics.

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Aug 02, 2016 Chikamara Ukaejiofo

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