The Best Electrical Wire in Nigeria 2024 (Updated)

The Best Electrical Wire in Nigeria 2024 (Updated)

Electrical wires are the basic unit of every electrical system. Electrical wires are nothing but a cluster of wires used for distributing enormous amounts of electricity. Electrical wires are used to transmit electricity from a source, usually a nearby transformer, to an outlet in your home or business to conduct electricity in appliances and electronic devices. One of the best electrical wires in Nigeria is the Vecan cables which can benefit various industrial applications from crane hoists to conveyors, which can be achieved by utilizing best practices and high-quality materials.

Cutix Electrical Cables and Wire 1.5mm

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Electrical wires come in various materials, casings, and sizes to handle the different electrical loads and multiple conditions in which they will be used. Although they can be made from aluminum and other materials, almost all electrical wires are made of copper.

The primary factor that should decide your choice of cables is “Safety.” As cables are the prime carrier of electricity throughout your house, you must ensure every aspect of safety when it comes to electrical wires. Electrical wires are designed to bear constant electric current, which should not lead to a fire in case of accidents/short circuits.

Most of the electrical failures are caused by failing electrical cables and wires. People often ignore the significance of this significant material. A perfect power cable must be able to perform better in case of electrical failures, overloading, or sudden electrical fluctuations and should even be fire retardant in case of any hazard. The major supplier and distributor of electric wires in Nigeria is GZ Industrial Supplies, and have compiled a list of the best four electrical wires in Nigeria for 2024.

There are many wire and cable brands in Nigeria, and most of these wires and cables are manufactured in Nigeria; from all the brands of wires and cables, we have selected the best to suit your need.

1. Cutix wires and cables:

This brand of electrical cables is developed and deployed for the most advanced House-wiring and Industrial Cables to serve energy and industrial companies looking for more efficient, more reliable, and Safe solutions. Their diverse portfolio of technologies and solutions is transforming how the industry works today and in the future. They ensure safety through quality and Technology and These cables are designed for harsh conditions. 

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2. Vecan cables and wires

Vecan Cable Limited is one of the best manufacturer of wires and cables in Nigeria, the business was founded in 1996 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), and Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Nkpor, Anambra State, Nigeria.

They produce the best indoor and outdoor cable and wires in Nigeria. One of the main concerns people face when they buy a wire is that the thickness of the copper conductor is not as mentioned on the box; they do not conform to the required thickness of 1mm, 2mm, or 10mm out of the box, Vecan electrical cable meets all related standards in this respect.

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Vecan wire and cable can benefit a variety of industrial applications, from crane hoists to conveyors, which can be achieved by utilizing best practices and high-quality materials. Among all the numerous benefits of Vecan cables are: Smoothly stranded, nickel-plated copper conductors.

3. Coleman wire and cables

The Coleman wires and cables are the best for electricity distribution in Nigeria. At Coleman Wires and Cables, they are committed to manufacturing quality wires and cables that consistently meet and exceed our customers' expectations. They strive to align with relevant stakeholders and ISO 9001:2015 requirements so that their products are of the highest possible quality.

The Coleman Single Core Copper Wire 10MM

4. Nigerchin Wires and cables 

They manufacture the best cables for house wiring and fittings. At Nigerchin, they prioritize designing, manufacturing, and supplying quality cable and conductor products that meet National and International Standards, Customers’ Specifications consistent with NIS ISO 9001:2015 standards, and their interested parties' requirements, including statutory and regulatory requirements. Their products which are regularly manufactured and tested to British Standards (BS) and IEC specifications, have, won periodically the Nigeria Industrial Standard (NIS) for quality in the Silver, Gold, and Diamond Categories.

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Prices of Best Wires and cables in Nigeria.

This section of the article will provide the best brands of electrical wires in Nigeria. The prices of the wires listed have been segmented below from the most affordable brands such as Vecan cables, coleman cables, Cutix cables and Nigerchin cables. Kindly note that all listed brands are of high quality and can suit various needs. Cables and wires are sold per coil which is 100m in Nigeria.

Vecan cables and wires in Nigeria

Vecan 1mm single core copper wire - # 67,800

Vecan 1.5mm single core copper wire- #71,500

Vecan 2.5mm single core copper wire- #78,500

Vecan 4mm single core copper wire- # 111,100

Vecan 6mm single core copper wire- #123,500

Vecan 10mm single core copper wire- #169,500

Vecan 16mm single core copper wire- #189,000

Coleman cables and wire in Nigeria

Coleman 1mm single core copper wire- #39,200

Coleman 1.5mm single core copper wire-#42,200

Coleman 2.5mm single core copper wire- #50,500

Coleman 4mm single core copper wire- #63,500

Coleman 6mm single core copper wire- #108,500

Coleman 10mm single core copper wire-#130,200

Coleman 16mm single core copper wire- #180,000

Cutix Cable and wire prices in Nigeria

Cutix 1mm single core copper wire- #41,000

Cutix 1.5mm single core copper wire-#44,700

Cutix 2.5mm single core copper wire- #53,000

Cutix 4.0mm single core copper wire- #85,200

Cutix 6.0mm single core copper wire- #100,500

Cutix 10mm single core copper wire - #133,000

Cutix 16mm single core copper wire- #185,000

Nigerchin cables and wires in Nigeria

Nigerchin 1mm single core copper wire- #42,000

Nigerchin 1.5mm single core copper wire-#45,700

Nigerchin 2.5mm single core copper wire- #54,000

Nigerchin 4.0mm single core copper wire- #66,200

Nigerchin 6.0mm single core copper wire- #101,500

Nigerchin 10mm single core copper wire - #134,000

Nigerchin 16mm single core copper wire- #186,000

Vecan electrical Cable 10mm Single Core (copper)

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Benefits of Using High Quality Electrical wire and cables

Using high-quality electrical wire offers several benefits, including:

1. Safety: 

High-quality electrical wire is designed and manufactured to meet strict safety standards. It ensures proper insulation, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and short circuits. The insulation also prevents damage to surrounding materials and minimizes the chance of electrical fires.

2. Reliability: 

High-quality wire is more durable and less prone to wear and tear. It can withstand higher temperatures, mechanical stress, and environmental factors such as moisture and chemicals. This reliability leads to fewer disruptions in electrical supply and minimizes the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

3. Efficient Power Transmission: 

High-quality wire has lower resistance, allowing for more efficient transmission of electrical power. It reduces energy losses, ensures stable voltage levels, and minimizes voltage drops over long distances. This efficiency is particularly crucial for high-power applications, where energy conservation and performance are essential.

4. Compliance with Regulations: 

High-quality electrical wire complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring adherence to safety codes and requirements. This compliance is vital for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, where electrical installations must meet specific guidelines to guarantee the safety of occupants and property.

5. Longevity: 

High-quality wire has a longer lifespan compared to inferior alternatives. It resists degradation from heat, moisture, and other environmental factors, maintaining its performance over an extended period. This longevity saves costs associated with frequent replacements and repairs, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

6. Compatibility: 

High-quality wire is compatible with various electrical systems and equipment. It provides proper connections and reduces the risk of compatibility issues or malfunctions. Whether it's for residential wiring, industrial machinery, or commercial installations, using high-quality wire ensures optimal performance and compatibility with other electrical components.

7. Ease of Installation: 

High-quality wire is often designed with installation convenience in mind. It may have features such as flexible insulation, clear labeling, and color-coded conductors, making it easier for electricians to work with and troubleshoot. This streamlined installation process saves time and effort during electrical projects.

Galvanized Iron Wire

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Frequently Asked Question

What does a wire do in a circuit?

The wires in a circuit carry the electric current to various parts of an electrical or electronic system. 

What should the electric wire be made of, and why?

Electrical conductors are metals such as copper, aluminum, etc. These metals are used to make wires. Most wires are copper because they conduct electricity with high flexibility and little resistance.

What wire is used for lighting?

Lighting circuits are generally run in 1mm2 two-core-and-earth cable, but particularly long circuits can use 1.5mm2 cable to compensate for the drop in voltage experienced on long cable runs.

What is the live wire?

A live wire is a wire carrying an electric current. If something goes wrong inside and the live wire gets accidentally connected to some metal part, the circuit breaker will blow, protecting the user from an unpleasant sensation or even electrocution.

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There are various types of  electrical cables in Nigeria, and we have highlighted the best in this article with their various prices, the type of wire you choose is essential for any electrical project, so ensure to select an electrical wire that is specified for the purpose you need it for. Consider the amperage and volts of each wire, and match the wires to the correct needs of your project. If you're unsure which type of electrical wire you need, consult a professional electrician before installing any electrical lines in your home. Contact us

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