​Why Use Distilled Water For Inverter Battery

​Why Use Distilled Water For Inverter Battery

You probably have been searching for ways to enhance the life of your inverter batteries. Here are some hacks needed to properly maintain your inverter batteries. You obviously know they are a financial investment, so why not take proper care of them to get the most life as possible ? All steps of battery maintenance are critical and none should be over looked or relegated to the background. One of the modest choices to make is using distilled water to fill your inverter batteries. The electrolyte in a flooded deep cycle battery is a solution of acid and water. Using distilled water for inverter battery is recommended because it is free from additional minerals you would find in water such as regular tap water. Adding chemicals and minerals can significantly decrease the life of batteries. Distilled water should be the only things you ever replenish in your deep cycle batteries. Never add additional acid or electrolyte solution, this can also diminish the battery life.

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What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is nothing but impurities-free water at its purest form. It is so pure that there won’t be even ions in the water. Because of this nature distilled water has many applications including to replenish inverter batteries, car batteries, medical applications (like mixing it with medicine at the time of injection), in aquarium fish keeping, biological laboratories, Aeroplane engines.

What are Inverter Batteries?

Inverter batteries are designed to provide a small amount of current consistently for longer durations of time. Inverter batteries are also known as deep Cycle batteries as they discharged over a much longer time. The Inverter Batteries consist of lower number of plates which are much thinner, and the electrolyte volume of the inverter batteries is more so that the chemical reaction takes more time to produce current. This makes Inverter Batteries to provide a consistent amount of current for extended periods. 

Why Do We Use Distilled Water for Inverter Batteries? 

Let’s assume that regular water is added to an inverter battery, the water that we drink every day. This water has a lot of ions in it and when it is poured into the inverter, it clogs the electrodes. Slowly, over time, the ions form a layer on them. Finally, the chemical reaction that makes the battery work is obstructed and no current is generated. If simple tap water is used, it will not only have ions but also dust particles and other organic material. This hampers the chemical reaction taking place inside the battery even further. Thus, the only way to ensure that an inverter battery works seamlessly and smoothly is to use water without impurities, i.e., distilled water.

When To Add Distilled Water in Inverter Battery 

There is an inverter battery water level indicator on top of batteries. Check for the indicator. There are multiple indicators, if any of the indicator water levels drops below the threshold limits you need to replenish the water in that container. It is always good to have smartphone remainder at regular interval of time and keep checking it.

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Here are a few additional tips on inverter battery maintenance; 

1. Clean your Battery First 

  • Always wear safety glasses and rubber gloves when working with batteries 
  • Make sure the battery caps are on tightly 
  • Use a solution of baking soda and water (1 cup baking soda per gallon of water) 
  • Rinse solution off of battery terminals - do not allow this solution to enter the battery 

2. Check the Electrolyte Level of Each Battery (every one to two weeks) 

  • Batteries should always be filled after a full charge, unless they are 'dry' and the plates are exposed. In that case, fill with just enough water to reach the top of the plates, this is considered the minimum level of water. 
  • Once the batteries have a full charge, check and add water if needed 
  • Only add water if necessary - the water level should be 1/8″ below the bottom of the fill well 

3. Fill the Batteries 

  • Add water until the electrolyte level is 1/8″ below the bottom of the fill well. 
  • Do not overfill batteries. Overfilling batteries and then charging can cause the batteries to bubble over and spill the electrolyte solution. Not only is this messy, it can be harmful if this solution is not properly rinsed from the skin. 

4. Replace the Battery Caps 

  • Clean up any spills around the battery cells 
  • Be sure not to allow any additional debris to enter the battery 
  • Replace the battery caps back onto the batteries. 
  • Use only distilled water - for the reasons above.

For more ideas on inverter battery maintenance, read Tips To Maintain Your Inverter Battery.

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Where to buy distilled water for inverter batteries? 

Many leading and experienced inverter battery manufacturers and experts recommended to use distilled water for maintaining impeccable performance and longer battery life. You could buy distilled water from GZ Industrial Supplies. Click here to buy Distilled Water For Inverter Battery.

Distilled water is essential for running the inverter batteries for the long term. Epochem Distilled water is the perfect product for good maintenance of your inverter batteries. Epochem Distilled water is purified water without salts and impurities, macro and micro elements and without harmful additives. It has no heavy metals, bacteria or viruses, now you know why Distilled eater is used for inverter battery. 

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