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Ultra 255
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GZ Industrial Supplies offers the  most reliable & most portable welding machine, with this Askaynak Inverter 255 Ultra offering best welding performance in its class.


  1. 250A Welding Current at 30% (40°C) – You will be able to perform un-interrupted welding also in intense welding applications with 5.0 mm diameter electrodes and 250A welding current offered at 30% duty cycle.
  2. Overload and Thermal Protection Indicator Lamp – Thermal protection lamp will warn you in case of the machine enters protection mode due to overload.
  3. Compatibility with Generator – Welding capability in environments without electricity due to its compatibility with generators.
  4. Digital Ampermeter – It is possible to start welding operation with a more accurate setting after reading the adjusted current value from the indicator.
  5. Hot Start Setting – You will never encounter arc ignition problems especially when welding on dirty or rusty parts and when using electrodes with moisture coating.
  6. Arc Force Setting – Electrode will not stick to the workpiece any more or you will benefit from uninterrupted arc. Due to this feature, welding current will increase for a very short time and after the arc becomes stable it will automatically return to the adjusted value.
  7. Lightweight, Small and Compact Design – Due to its new generation electronic circuit design, it is much more smaller than the welding machines designed with old technology and you will be able to carry your 250A welding machine without any need for a cart or wheeled carrier system especially in rough, narrow and crowded environments.


Nominal Mains Voltage : 380-400 V; 3~Ph ; 50/60 Hz
Max. Power Consumption : 9,5 kW (30%)
Mains Current : 14,5 A (30%)
Max Effective Current : 8,0 A
Power Factor
: 0,96 (30%)
Welding Current Values : 250 A; 30,0 V (30%)
180 A; 27,2 V (160%)
150 A; 26,0 V (100%)
Open Circuit Voltage
: 47 V (DC)
Welding Current Setting Range : 30 – 250 A
Fuse Value and Type
: 3×20  A (delay action)
Protection Class : IP21S
Cooling System
: Ventilation cooling
Weight (excl. Cables) : 13,5 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 165 x 280 x 440 mm
Approvals : EN 60974-1, CE, EN 60974-10
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What types of welding machines are available?

There are several types of welding machines, including arc welding machines (such as stick welders, MIG welders, and TIG welders), spot welders, plasma cutters, and multi-process welders that combine multiple welding techniques into one machine.

2. How does an arc welding machine work?

An arc welding machine uses electricity to create an electric arc between the welding electrode and the workpiece. The heat generated from the arc melts the electrode and the base material, creating a weld pool that solidifies into a strong joint.

3. What factors should I consider when choosing a welding machine?

Factors to consider include the type of welding you will be doing, the material thickness and type, power requirements, portability, duty cycle (the amount of time the machine can be used continuously), and your skill level.

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    Posted by Peter Ike on Sep 28, 2020

    Great product from askaynak

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