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GZ Industrial Supplies carries a wide selection of abrasives. Whether it's sandpaper, grinding wheels, or sanders, shop in GZ industrial supplies Nigeria to find the abrasive products you need. Buy Abrasives products in Nigeria online, We deliver, wide selection of abrasives, sandpaper, grinding/Cutting wheels, sanders, GZ industrial Supplies wide variety of abrasive products in our catalogue, including pedestal, diamond or bench grinding wheels and sanding discs, sanding belts and bands to eliminate rough edges. Sand paper and deburring cloths are available in rolls or pads, and in any grit to eliminate microscopic nicks and notches that can cause moving parts to catch. We in GZ has lots of  abrasives to help you handle any job that you intend to do.

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We carry a full line of Coated Abrasive products and High Speed Steel metal cutting saws.

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