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Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power in the absence of power (electricity). They can also be used as a primary power source in areas where a local electrical grid is unavailable or difficult to access, such as mining and farming operations or even new developments and construction. Generators are standby electrical power system that provides emergency power to a load when the utility power is unavailable. Generators come in different models that produce varying electricity voltages and frequencies for use in diverse applications. They typically have a combustion engine that drives an electrical generator to produce electricity.

A generator is a mechanical device that converts energy into electricity. Generators can power your home or business until the power is back on, which is enormously helpful and can prevent a lot of inconveniences. Preparing for a power outage is critical to saving yourself time, stress, and hassle - whether for a few hours due to a storm or an extended period. 

Generators are crucial safety equipment during natural disasters like hurricanes, snowstorms, and power outages. They can provide much-needed power for lights, heat, and medical equipment. If you don't have a generator, ensure you get one before the next natural disaster hits. Generators are a lifesaver during power outages - whether severe weather conditions or other factors cause them. You can continue using lights, crucial appliances, critical medical equipment, and your house's heating system by having a home generator. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences frequent but brief power outages. An AC generator can help you avoid discomfort and ensure that a power outage never interrupts your day. At GZ Industrial Supplies, we sell high-end, economical electric generators from renowned brands such as Honda, A-iPower, Maxmech and Ingco.

Generator Types to Choose From Depending on Your Need

Portable Generator:

Most portable generators run on gasoline, while a few use diesel fuel or gas/liquid propane blends. Half-load run times usually fall between 8 and 32 hours, with most in the 10-15 hour range. Most will power 120-volt or 240-volt applications. They are usually designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Inverter Generator :

Inverter generators are a great option for those looking for a lightweight, fuel-efficient generator. Most inverter generators run on gasoline and have 120-volt outlets, making them ideal for powering smaller electronic devices. They also use less energy than traditional portable generators, as the engine speed varies based on the amount of electricity required.

Standby Generator :

This generator is an electrical system that uses a transfer switch to automatically start when a facility loses power. They run on diesel, liquid propane, natural gas, or a hybrid fuel. They are permanently implanted and cannot be moved. Single-phase variants are suitable for household or commercial systems, whilst three-phase models can power industrial systems.

Important Considerations When Purchasing a Generator

Budget :

A budget is like a roadmap for your business or family - it helps keep things running smoothly and on track. When you're planning to purchase a generator, factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs, so it doesn't throw your budget off course.

Power Required :

When selecting a generator for your small store, it is critical to first determine your wattage requirements based on the machinery and appliances you use. A small shop's power requirements are typically less than 6 kW. This phase of the selection process is important because it ensures that you choose a generator that can meet your specific wattage needs.

Features :

Consumers always seek out specific qualities in a product before committing to a purchase, which is no different regarding generators. Some qualities to look for are silent operation, automatic cooling, transfer switch, automatic voltage adjustment, and automatic shutdown. However, to avoid any accidents or unforeseen issues, it's essential that the generator also has enough safety features.

Items and Services Included-

Searching for the generator's warranty, accessories, and services is essential, but you should also consider the cost of installation and maintenance. These things will be added to the generator's price, so it's important to factor them in before making your purchase.

Fuel Used

Generators come in various types, each fueled differently. Some commonly used generator fuels are gasoline, diesel, and LPG. When you're ready to purchase a generator, you'll want to consider which type best suits your needs based on the fuel it uses.

Brands That Sell High-Quality AC Generators at Reasonable Prices

Honda Generator:

Honda generators are perfect for anyone who needs a dependable and portable power source. These generators can be used for many purposes and are compatible with many devices. Due to their durability, you can use the generators for a long time without having to replace them. Honda's designs are user-friendly, safe, and uncomplicated. After an extensive market assessment, their materials are obtained from the most reputable and authorized providers.

A-ipower Generators: 

A-ipower generators are designed to be solid and portable, making them ideal for various settings like homes and workplaces. In addition to being dependable and effective, Honda generators are also great for recreational activities like camping and tailgating. They also come in handy during power outages. Safety is always a top priority with these generators, so you can rest assured that any Honda generator will adhere to all safety precautions.

Maxmech Generators: 

When it comes to technical features, Maxmech generators are some of the most durable and perfectly-executed machines on the market. They're made from high-quality materials designed for heavy-duty industries and service applications. Their resilience allows AC generators to resist weather conditions and continue providing electricity. If you're looking for a generator made from the best materials and manufactured using cutting-edge procedures, Maxmech is the brand for you.

GZ Industrial Supplies Offers Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective Power Generators

At GZ Industrial Supplies. We understand buyers' critical concerns when looking for AC generators. To meet our customers' expectations, we have invested in the modern range of electric generators used for industrial and domestic purposes. Quality inspections are performed on the goods before they are distributed, so the consumer can be guaranteed to receive their generator in optimal working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions about Generators

1. How Long Does a Generator Last?

Generators are an excellent way to keep your power on during outages, and if properly maintained, they can last for many years. Although they require some regular upkeep, it will be well worth it in the long run as you won't have to constantly replace your generator or deal with the hassle and expense of power outages. Plus, with regular maintenance checks, you can catch any potential problems early on and avoid any significant damage or repairs that could be needed down the line.

2. What are the 3 Main Components of a Generator?

The three main components of a generator can be classified as the engine, fuel system, and alternator.

3. What is the Most Important Part of The Generator?

Batteries are essential to generators - they supply the power needed to start the machine in the event of a power outage. When there's no power, the generator uses batteries as an energy source. Not only do batteries power the engine starter, but they also provide power to the control panel. Some generators have a backup battery on standby in case the primary one fails.

4. What are the main parts of an electric (diesel) generator?

The main components in designing a high-end electric diesel generator are the AC Alternator, the Base frame (usually with a tank), the Control Panel, and the Circuit Breaker. The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is optional but may be included in some designs.

5. Can one run a generator on maximum load?

Yes, it's running a generator on maximum load is fine, but it's not recommended. The regular practice of this can reduce the efficiency of generation, as well as the power rating of a generator. The life of the product also includes depreciation.

6. Is There a Warranty?

The last question you should always ask before buying a generator is, "is there a warranty?"

Most generators come standard with a warranty. These warranties can range anywhere from one to five years. You should look elsewhere if you are offered a generator without any warranty.

Many companies will let you buy an extended warranty for a higher cost. If you are making a significant investment in a state-of-the-art generator, an extended warranty may be wise.

Top Selling Generators Price List in Nigeria

Latest Generators Models

Expected Price


A-ipower comfort series 2.8KW/3.0Kva Manual Generator


5% off

A-ipower comfort series 2.8KW/3.0Kva Key starter Generator


5% off

A-ipower Promo series 2.8KW/3.0Kva Manual starter Generator


5% off

A-ipower Promo series 2.8KW/3.0Kva Key starter Generator


5% off

A-ipower Infinite series 2.8KW/3.0Kva Manual start Generator

A-ipower Infinite series 2.8KW/3.0Kva Key start Generator



5% off

5% off

A-ipower Infinite series 3.3KW/4.0Kva Manual start Generator


5% off

A-ipower Discovery series 3.3KW/4.0Kva Key start Generator


5% off

A-ipower Infinite series 3.3KW/4.0Kva Key start Generator


5% off

A-ipower Infinite series 5.0 KW/6.0Kva Key start Generator


5% off

A-ipower Infinite series 6.5 KW/8.0Kva Key start Generator

A-ipower Infinite series 7.5 KW/9.0Kva Key start Generator

A-ipower Discovery series 6.5KW/8.0Kva Key start Generator

A-ipower Discovery series 7.5KW/9.0Kva Key start Generator


Maxmech RWD 6500 

Maxmech RFS 8800     

Maxmech RFS 3800         

Maxmech RFS 12000             

Maxmech RFS 6500  

Maxmech RFS 5200E  













Generators - Price Range


Min Price

Max Price

A-ipower Generators



Maxmech Generators



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Generators have proven to be a long-term solution to the power outage in both domestic, commercial, and industrial spaces by effectively converting mechanical energy into electricity. Generators are powered by a fuel source such as oil, gasoline, wind or moving water, When buying a generator, it is important to consider the wattage requirements based on the machinery and appliances you use.

As a leading provider of the Best Generator in Nigeria, we offer an extensive range of generators available for sale; contact GZ Industrial Supplies today to learn more. We are always here to answer your call and provide unmatched generator services!