Gasoline Generator INFINITE SERIES 3.3kw/4.0Kva IN6000C A-iPower

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A-iPower IN6000C
A-iPower IN6000C
80.00 KGS
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Gasoline Generator INFINITE SERIES 3.3kw/4.0Kva IN6000C A-iPower

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of A-iPower Products in Nigeria. Our Gasoline Generator INFINITE SERIES 3.3kw/4.0Kva IN6000C A-iPower is a cost-effective generator for your home, offices, including small and large businesses. AIPOWER generators features comfortable design and provides Superior in Quality and 100% power supply with copper coil to make sure all your appliance are running, it adopts an advanced technology in design. 

This Gasoline Generator INFINITE SERIES 3.3kw/4.0Kva IN6000C A-iPower generates 4.0 Kva of electricity which powers your household equipment and also giving you light. It has 15L an internal tank that has the capacity to take in as much fuel and 0.6-litre oil that will last you all day and more. It is very economical as it does not consume much fuel, with an oil alert lamp that indicates the current level of fuel.  It comes with wheels that make it easier for you to move it around and the starting system is bypassing electricity through a cable and it has a key start function that switches on the generator with ease. The voltage regulates stable power for your appliances and it comes with a very low noise that will not disturb your neighbours. 

Technical Specifications of Gasoline Generator INFINITE SERIES 3.3kw/4.0Kva IN6000C A-iPower

  • Brand: A-iPower
  • Colour: Red & Black
  • Model: IN6000C 
  • Rated Power: 3.3KW (4.0KVA)
  • Starting System: Manual Starter
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Engine Type: OHV Air-cooled;4-stroke;OHV;Single Cylinder
  • Displacement 259cc
  • Continous Operating Time11.5h
  • Min.Fuel Consumption 313g/kW·h
  • Noise Level 78dB
  • Lube. Oil Capacity 0.6L
  • 100% Copper Coil

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What are the different types of power generators?

There are several types of power generators including portable generators, standby generators, inverter generators, diesel generators, propane generators, and natural gas generators.

2.What is a portable generator?

A portable generator is a small generator that can be moved around easily and is usually used for temporary power supply in outdoor events, camping trips, or during power outages.

3.What is a standby generator?

A standby generator is a larger generator that is permanently installed and connected to a building's electrical system. It automatically switches on when there is a power outage and provides backup power until the power is restored.

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    Ultra silent

    Posted by Chinweoke on Jan 09, 2023

    This generator is very economical as it does not consume much fuel, with an oil alert lamp that indicates the current level of fuel. It comes with wheels that make it easier for you to move it and also when it's on, your next door neighbor can barely know the generator is on. It makes silent white sound. It's recommended.

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