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Marine Paint and Coatings.

GZ Industrial supplies Nigeria is the foremost supplier of Marine paints and coatings in Nigeria, Marine paints and coatings are used in commercial and military ships (for both salt and fresh water), fixed and floating marine structures such as offshore oil rigs, and recreational boats and yachts. Some of them are passenger ships, freighters, tankers, container ships, fishing boats and ferries, as well as oil rigs, inland waterway ships, barges, and tow boats. They are designed with particular functionality properties to best protect and preserve the surfaces to which they are applied. Specific areas of marine vessels and yachts require specially formulated marine coatings for use above and below the waterline. For instance, anti-fouling coatings which protect surfaces from fouling are highly engineered and subject to intense regulation.
Getting to know the concise and correct information on which paints to use on your vessel can be difficult. There are articles in our blog pages that provide information on the different types of paint available and their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

Types of Marine paints

There are many different types of paint and many different ways of classifying them. The different categories of Marine paints by product type and  Chemistry of the paints.

It is also important to understand the various defects that can occur during application, shortly afterwards or much further down the line. To this end we have written a short article on Paint Failures which should help to prevent problems before they occur (or at least provide advice on how to fix them afterwards).

Brands of Marine paints we carry.

At GZ industrial supplies we have the global best marine paints because we have partnered with them and also with the best local marine paints producers. brands we carry are not limited some of them are as follows:

The world marine coatings market forecast for 2020 is US$11.88 billion. hence these is a high cost on corrosion, against this backdrop preventing abrasion and corrosion usng the right marine paints and coatings is important.

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