Centrifuge 80-2B ARI

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ARI 80-2B
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Centrifuge 80-2B ARI

 Centrifuge 80-2B ARI

GZ industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of ARI Medical Products in Nigeria. The Centrifuge 80-2B ARI is made of high strength plastic and Its model is beautiful.

Our Centrifuge 80-2B ARI has the advantages of small cubage, low weight, large capacity, low noise, high efficiency and so on. It can be used in hospitals and biochemical labs for qualitative analysis of serum, urea and plasma.

Specification of Centrifuge 80-2B ARI

-Door switch

-Max.speed:4000r/min, pointer show speed


-Capacity: 20ml*12

-Time range: 0~30min

-Power: 135W

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