Cup moisture meter AIK-LDS-1G Hellog

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Hellog AIK-LDS-1G
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Cup moisture meter AIK-LDS-1G Hellog

Cup moisture meter AIK-LDS-1G Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of hellog Agricultural Equipment in Nigeria. The Cup moisture meter AIK-LDS-1G Hellog is a bulk density computerized moisture analyzer that adds automatic accumulation of measurement times, calculation of average value and automatic capacity conversion and display functions.

Our Cup moisture meter AIK-LDS-1G Hellog performance is stable and reliable with a novel and beautiful appearance, it is an ideal upgrade product for moisture measuring instruments and this product can directly convert wheat bulk density index. The Measurement species features 20 types of varieties such as soybean, wheat, corn, sorghum, sesame, japonica, peanut, rapeseed, etc. Accessories: power adapter, cleaning brush, manual, certificate and warranty card, barrel and calibration weight.

Features of Cup moisture meter AIK-LDS-1G Hellog

※Average function

※Weight and temperature measurement function

※Volume weight conversion function

※Floating three-point calibration function

※Automatic shutdown function

Technical parameters of Cup moisture meter AIK-LDS-1G Hellog

  • Measuring object: grain and other non-metallic granular samples.
  • Measurement error: ≤±0.5℅ (main moisture range)
  • Repeat error: ≤±0.2℅
  • Measuring range: 3-35%
  • Measuring time: ≤10S
  • Use environment: 0-40℃ temperature
  • compensation function Net weight: 790 grams
  • Power supply: four AA alkaline batteries or external dedicated DC power supply
  • Display mode: LCD display with backlight

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