Soil moisture AIK-TPH01803 Hellog

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Hellog AIK-TPH01803
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Soil moisture AIK-TPH01803 Hellog

Soil moisture AIK-TPH01803 Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of hellog Agricultural Equipment in Nigeria. The Soil moisture AIK-TPH01803 Hellog functions with a Large screen LCD user interface , the Temperature metric conversion function with Low battery reminder function and the Power-saving automatic shutdown function, 5 minutes without any operation.

Features of Soil moisture AIK-TPH01803 Hellog

Automatic shutdown

Easy to operate and easy to carry Power supply: 9V battery (not included) 【Product parameters】

It does not need a power source, and it has three functions in one, which can measure humidity\PH degree\luminosity of photosynthesis of plants.

Material: Plastic Body size: 5*3.8*28.5 CM

Probe length: 20.5 CM

Product advantages: Detect the humidity and pH of the soil in the flowerpot, and detect the intensity of sunlight required for plant photosynthesis.

features of Soil moisture AIK-TPH01803 Hellog

Measure the light intensity of the current environment

Measure the moisture content of the soil

Measure the temperature of the soil

Temperature measurement range: -9~+50℃ (16~122℉), (accuracy: 1℃/1℉)

Measure the pH of the soil,

PH measurement range: 3.5-9.0

Working temperature: +5℃~+40℃ Size: 35*8*6cm

Weight: 0.23KG


Please install the battery before use and remove the probe protective cover

1. Illumination measurement

A. Press the ON button to turn on the instrument

B. Aim at the highest point light source light sensor window.

C. The current light intensity will be displayed on the LCD display.

Tips;don’t block the light or cast shadows on the light sensor

2. PH range measurement

A. Press the [PH/TEMP] button at the PH value position on the back

B. Insert the probe vertically into the soil, it needs to be tested as soon as possible. Do not insert the probe too deep into the root of the plant.

C. Press the [ON] button to start measurement.

D. The tested PH value will be displayed on the LCD screen

E. Measure several times to get the exact value needed.


1. Insert the probe vertically, at the edge of the plant stem in the middle.

2. Please gently push into the soil for investigation to avoid damage to the probe.

3. If the measured soil is too dry or fertile to measure the accurate PH value, the user can sprinkle some water and measure again after half an hour

3. Moisture measurement

A Press the [PH/TEMP] button on the TEMP on the back

B Insert as vertically as possible into the soil. Do not insert the probe too deep into the root of the plant.

C Press the NO button to start measurement

D The measured soil moisture value will be displayed on the LCD screen.

E Measure several times to get the exact value required.

4. Temperature measurement;

A When measuring the humidity, the soil humidity value will be displayed on the LCD simultaneously .

B Press the [℃/℉ OFF] button to set the humidity display to ℃ or ℉.

Tips: If the user does not insert the probe into the soil, it will display the accurate ambient temperature of the external space.

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