GEL Inverter Battery GEL 12V175Ah- LEMAX

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GEL Inverter Battery GEL 12V175Ah- LEMAX

GEL Inverter Battery GEL 12V175Ah- LEMAX

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Lemax Batteries in Nigeria. Our GE series batteries are designed with AGM separator and GEL deep cycle technology to give Extra-durable cyclic performance at extreme temperature. GE series Batteries are designed for 12 years life time floating design life at 25℃. Meet with IEC, BS,JIS and Eurobat standard .

LEMAX actively work with partners to promote green energy into thousands of households and contributes to building a harmonious, energy-saving and environmentally friendly society. By combining a newly developed corrosion resistance alloy and advanced curing process, we created a range of long life batteries -LM series. The series features top termination and offers 12 years design life. This battery series is highly suited to UPS systems, switch-gear, CATV and telecommunication systems applications. 


Features of Gel  Inverter  Batteryy Gel 12V175Ah-Lemax

  • Safety Sealing

  • Non-spillable construction

  • High Reliability and Stability

  • Sealed and Maintenance-free

  • Safety and Quality certification

  • Long Life and low self-discharge design

Application of Gel Inverter Battery Gel 12V175Ah-Lemax

  • Emergency Power System

  • Communication equipment

  • Telecommunication systems

  • Uninterruptible power supplies

  • Power tools

  • Alarm system

  • Marine equipment

  • Medical equipment

  • Fire and Security System

  • Electric toy car and wheelchairs, etc.

 Specification of Gel Inverter Battery Gel 12v175Ah-Lemax

Battery Model
Nominal Voltage : 12V
Rated capacity (10 Hour rate): 175Ah
Cells Per battery: 6



Length:  522mm (20.55 inches),

Width:  240mm (9.44 inches),

Height:  221mm (8.70 inches),  

Total Height:  226mm (8.89 inches)

Approx. Weight: 57kg(125.66lbs) ± 3%


Capacity at 25 Degrees C

 10 hour rate(17.5A,10.5V): 175Ah  

5 hour rate(30.25A,10.5V): 151.25Ah

3 hour rate(43.96A,10.8V): 131.88Ah 

1 hour rate(101.5A,9.6V):   101.5Ah 

Max. Discharge  Current : 1800A(5 Sec.) 
Internal Resistance: Full charged at 25℃(77 ): Approx 3.2mΩ
Capacity affected by Temp.(10 HR)

  40 (104  oF):  102%

25 (77 oF ):  100%

0 (32 oF ):    85%

-15 (5 ):    65%


Self Discharge @25℃ (77 ) 

 After 3 months storage: 91%

After 6 months storage:  82%

After 12 months storage: 64%


 Charge method @25℃ (77 )


 Cycle Use:  14.40-14.47V (Initial charging current less than 52.5A)


 Float Use :  13.50-13.80V 

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